Swenson to step aside as East Providence Police Department No. 2

Swenson to step aside as East Providence Police Department No. 2


EAST PROVIDENCE — Major Charles Swenson, the Deputy Chief of the East Providence Police Department, has announced his retirement after 32 years in law enforcement, The Post confirmed Wednesday morning, Jan. 2.Swenson-Charles2

Major Swenson spent his entire career in the EPPD and moved up to the No. 2 position in the department when Joseph Tavares was hired as chief back in September of 2009. Chief Tavares previously in the Warwick Police Department.

Major Swenson’s decision comes as a bit of a surprise, but isn’t completely shocking considering the ongoing uncertainly of possible changes to pensions of city administrators. It is one of the reasons why E.P. Fire Chief Joseph Klucznik recently decided to step aside from his position.

No successor to Major Swenson has been announced as of yet, though there are in-house candidates who could fit the bill. Detective Captain Richard Frazier, who has spent his entire career in East Providence, is the next-highest ranking officer in the department. Also likely to be considered for the position is Captain Chris Parella, another career-long member of the force.

The Post was unable to reach Chief Tavares by phone Wednesday morning for comment.