Survey: Alcohol use by Barrington teens is down

Survey: Alcohol use by Barrington teens is down

Barrington Town Hall, Barrington, Rhode Island

Barrington Town Hall, Barrington, Rhode Island

The Barrington Adult Youth Team — or BAY Team — recently released data from a survey that shows that alcohol consumption by Barrington students is down.

Data from the Barrington Risk and Protective Factor Survey administered in March to students in grades six through 12 showed that alcohol use in the past 30 days declined from 30 percent of students in 2009 to 26 percent in 2013.

Ninth and tenth grade students showed the most significant decreases, from 15 percent to 6 percent and 27 to 17 percent, respectively.

Other encouraging trends include an increase in the perceived risk of harm from alcohol use amongst middle school students and an increase in reported difficulty for students to obtain alcohol.

Also, the BAY Team was recently awarded a $125,000 grant from the Office of National Drug Control Policy. The Drug-Free Communities grant is designed to help the BAY Team prevent substance abuse among young people.

“Efforts to keep our youth drug-free are critical to healthy and safe community.” said Kathleen Sullivan, BAY Team prevention director. “The Drug-Free Communities Support Program recognizes the success of the BAY Team and its evidenced based prevention efforts. This funding will allow the BAY Team to continue to mobilize and organize their community to prevent youth substance use, especially underage drinking and youth marijuana use. We are very grateful for this continued support.”