St. Mark’s not only Warren building facing possible demolition

St. Mark’s not only Warren building facing possible demolition


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe former St. Mark’s Church on Lyndon Street isn’t the only older building in Warren to face possible demolition. A contractor has applied for permission to demolish what is believed to be a late 1700s home on Metacom Avenue.

A contractor working with owner Wightman’s Farm LLC recently applied for a demolition permit for 536 Metacom Ave., a seemingly modest cape on the Wightman’s Farm land just south of Libby Lane. Wightman’s Farm purchased the home last May for $250,000, as it was in the midst of town review of a plan to re-zone the property

Though the town’s records state that the building dates to 1895, many believe it is much older — perhaps, mid to late 1700s. If so, it would be one of the oldest structures on Metacom Avenue. Unlike downtown buildings like St. Mark’s, though, the 536 Metacom Ave. property does not lie in a historic district and thus does not need to undergo a hearing process prior to demolition.

Warren Building Inspector William Nash confirmed that a demolition permit had been filed, but noted that there are several routine issues that need to be cleared up by the contractor prior to the permit being issued. He said they involved matters such as utility tie-offs, bonds and the like.


  1. I have to question the article’s comment that this particular home could be as old as the 1700’s, this comment in itself has but one action in mind and that was to insite concern that another “Historic” building was being demolished. The fact is, unlike this media outlet, I took the time to look into the age of this structure. I have traversed most if not all the State Historical Preservation Commissions documents regarding Historic Homes in Warren & “No Where” in any of the documentation does this house show up! I also took the time to check the residence itself and it has (Framing) consistent with the 1920’s to 1940’s type wood construction! Town records indicate but two homes on Adams Lane around the late 1890’s ….So I would guess that once again this media outlet has printed something to arouse people un-necessarily by posting inaccurate information.