Special sermon on Sunday at Baptist Church

Special sermon on Sunday at Baptist Church


As the Baptist Church in Warren continues to celebrate it 250th year in ministry, in preparation for a special speaker, the Rev. Dr. Albert Brinson on Jan. 26, and in honor of Martin Luther King Jr., on Sunday, Jan. 19, the Rev. Esther Irish, pastor, will preach a sermon by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., which has just been published for the first time.

The sermon, “Guidelines for a Constructive Church,” was preached on May 29, 1966, by Rev. King as he visited Cornerstone Baptist Church in Brooklyn, N.Y. Squeezed between an appearance on “Face the Nation” and a commencement address at Bryn Mawr College, he made his way to Brooklyn, where he preached with an eerie sense of life’s fragility, for he had less than 700 days to live.

The message offered a clarion call to a nation in the tumult of the Civil Rights Movement, but it also brings a stirring challenge for Christians today. Rev. King focuses on ministering in the midst of a heavily segregated society, while calling followers of Christ to heed the words of the prophet Micah and “not take a position of ease in Zion.”

The church is at Main and Miller streets in Warren.