Spare some change for Portsmouth fireworks

Spare some change for Portsmouth fireworks


Peter Richtmyer donates to the cause at the Portsmouth Free Public Library Tuesday afternoon.
Peter Richtmyer donates to the cause at the Portsmouth Free Public Library Tuesday afternoon.
PORTSMOUTH — You may watch the spectacular fireworks display from Escobar’s Highland Farms every Fourth of July, but have you thrown some change in the milk can to help support the event?

You now have more opportunities to do so, as the Portsmouth 375th Steering Committee has made available two more old milk cans that were found and fixed up by member Richard Talipsky.

“I brushed them off, painted over the Rust-Oleum, put some stars and red white and blue on them and put a little cap on them with a lock,” said Mr. Talipsky. “There’s one at the library and one at DeCastro’s right now. The one at the library is going to float around to various places.”

Committee members are hoping members of the public will donate some spare change whenever they see the cans. The money will go to dairy farmer Louis Escobar, who’s been hiring a crew to set off the fireworks for years. Mr. Escobar keeps a milk can outside his Middle Road farm, but said donations have been dwindling in recent years.

“We want to get the community to show their support for this guy,” said Doug Smith, chairman of the 375th Steering Committee. “He’s been doing this for 25 years on his own hook. I just think it’s time the community stepped up and said, ‘Thanks, Louie. We’re with ya. Here’s a couple of bucks.’”

The committee stepped up as well, recently donating $1,000 to Mr. Escobar for the display. “It comes from the 375th funds — money we made selling shirts and stuff,” said Mr. Smith.

milk jug2This year’s fireworks display will be part of the Portsmouth 375th celebration. Mr. Escobar, in fact, has been chosen to be the grand marshall for the committee’s big Labor Day weekend parade.

For more about the Portsmouth 375th celebration events, pick up this week’s (June 20) copy of The Portsmouth Times.