Snow removal ordinance in East Providence takes effect Monday

Snow removal ordinance in East Providence takes effect Monday


EAST PROVIDENCE — The city’s sidewalk snow removal policy takes effect Monday, Feb. 11, City Manager Peter Graczykowski stated.

According to the statute, sidewalks abutting private properties must be cleared 24 hours after the end of snowfall. However, due to the size of winter storm Nemo and the near two feet of snow it dropped on the city, officials have determined an extension of the time frame is necessary.

Enforcement will begin Monday under the auspices of the East Providence Engineering Department. Fines for those who do not abide by the ordinance are as follows: first offense, $25; second offense, $50; third offense, $75.


  1. Gee, I’m so glad the guy has decided to stay here in EP. He’s got some nerve… how is the city going to clear THEIR sidewalks when they haven’t even finished the roads yet? I know how to fight this… if you live near a city sidewalk that is not shoveled by tomorrow then post a picture to Facebook. Make sure to tag it to one of the east providence Facebook pages so they can see.

  2. We have a city manager who wanted to leave because he did not have a contract, did not get the job on in Tisbury, bought a 515,000 house in Edgar town as investment property, because East Providence was not good enough, probably still has MA plates on his vehicles, city will now hand him a contract to keep him here….BIG MISTAKE !!
    The streets were not plowed properly, some streets did not get plowed or were half plowed, not enough help in the highway department to handle this kind of storm, equipment not any better, did not hire outside contractors to help. So the guy with no brain should inform residents where to put the snow when they shovel the sidewalk??