Site Ready’s Tiverton recycling operations to leave town

Fall River trucks like this one on Eagleville Road will soon stop carrying recycling to Site Ready

Fall River trucks like this one on Eagleville Road will soon stop carrying recycling to Site Ready

Fall River trucks like this one on Eagleville Road will soon stop carrying recycling to Site Ready.

TIVERTON — Controversial recycling operations at Site Ready’s property on Eagleville Road will end within 45 days from Friday, March 1. The firm has said that recycling activities will have moved elsewhere by then.

That word comes not long after Tiverton filed a temporary restraining order aimed at stopping some of Site Ready’s local operations.

The move was agreed to by the Town of Tiverton and Site Ready during a break in court proceedings into that restraining order request that were pending Friday in Newport County Superior Court before Judge Brian Van Couyghen.

The agreement to move the recycling activities within 45 days, said Tiverton Town Solicitor Andrew Teitz, will include language that states, in effect, that no admissions or waivers are being made by either side, language that will be reflected in a court order.

As a result of this language, Site Ready will be able to say that it is moving its recycling operations as part of a “business decision,” Mr. Teitz said.

Eric Brainsky, Site Ready’s lawyer, could not be reached by telephone.

The new location to which Site Ready will be moving its recycling operations, or that will be utilized by the City of Fall River for its recycling, is not known.

The court proceeding giving rise to the agreement was a hearing on a motion by the Town of Tiverton for a temporary restraining order against Site Ready, attempting to bring a halt to several of the company’s activities at the location.

Those activities include composting operations, blasting, and Site Ready’s handling of all single stream recycling produced by residents of the City of Fall River.

The agreement Friday deals only with the recycling operations. The court action will continue to address the town of Tiverton’s efforts to stop composting and blasting activities at the Site Ready property on Eagleville Road.

Fall River’s single stream recycling has been trucked since at least 2011 to that  location, said Fall River’s Director of Community Maintenance Ken Pacheco.

From the Eagleville Road location, the recycled materials have been transferred into L.A.L. Construction  Company trucks (L.A.L. is affiliated with Site Ready, and shares the same business address), and are then transported to a materials recycling facility (MRF) in Auburn, Mass. near Worcester.

Mr. Pacheco said Monday that he is currently in negotiations that he expects will result in another arrangement than the current one that depends upon use of Site Ready’s property on Eagleville Road.

“I need to have it in place by next Wednesday,” he said of the alternative arrangement he is negotiating. “The problem is, the timing is terrible.”

Mr. Pacheco said Monday that under the arrangement the city has had to date, that utilizes Site Ready’s Eagleville Road property, the city has been shipping an estimated 500 tons monthly to the Tiverton site, which works out to be “roughly six to seven truck loads per day.”

That traffic will presumably halt as a result of the agreement.

Concerns had been raised about the proximity of the recycling operations at the Site Ready’s Eagleville location to the Stafford Pond watershed.

The agreement between the town and Site Ready was arrived at during a break in Friday’s court proceedings, that had begun at 9 a.m., then broke up and began again at 11:30, after the parties had had an opportunity to discuss the language and content of the agreement.

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