Ship ahoy! Bristol harbormaster awaits new patrol boat

Ship ahoy! Bristol harbormaster awaits new patrol boat


boatThe familiar boat used to patrol Bristol Harbor and surrounding areas for years will soon be docked for good, and a newer, more efficient boat will be launched in its place.

The town recently approved spending $116,655 to buy a 25-foot Courageous aluminum hull patrol boat from Metal Shark Boats in Louisiana.

The current patrol boat, a 28-foot Shannon, has been in service for years and has been a burden to the town as it is in constant need of repair and less functional that the one being purchased.

“This is going to be used to work the buoys and patrol,” said Harbor Master Greg Marsili.

In the past, the town would hire a company to maintain the navigational buoys and moorings located in local waters. With the new boat, those duties will be taken on by the Harbor Master department.

“This expands our ability of what we can do. In a 10-year period, about $30,000 will be saved by doing the work ourselves,” Mr. Marsili said.

The new boat will be outfitted with twin outboard 115-horsepower Mercury four-stroke engines. “They are more efficient and environmentally friendly than what we have now,” he said.

Among the features included in the package that Mr. Marsili and Town Administrator Tony Teixeira negotiated with the company, the boat will be outfitted with a dive door for better access when working the harbor and when dispatched for rescue and recovery operations.

The money for the purchase was planned for, and included in the department’s capital budget. The current patrol boat will be put up for auction using an on-line service.

“Middletown used it to sell their old patrol boat and it fared pretty well,” Mr. Marsili said.

The proceeds from that sale will be applied to the purchase.

The town expects the boat to be delivered in July.


  1. One day we are promoting boat building and marine manufacturing, the next we are buying a boat from LA.

    FOR SHAME!!!

    Poor planning…. Does anyone in Town Hall look at the big picture?

  2. Unfortunately there are no manufacturers in Bristol or even the East Bay that fabricate aluminum hull boats. As with the Fire Dept boat, which was built in Washington state, there is a spec written that goes out to bid to different vendors, the vendor that can meet the spec with the lowest price gets the bid. The aluminum hull will last longer and is easier to maintain than a fiberglass hull. And yes the current 28′ harbor patrol boat takes more money to maintain, and it is more cost efficient to replace it instead of putting band aids on it all the time, and it cost a lot of money to fuel it as well… It is an antiquated vessel that was repurposed many many years ago to patrol the harbor.