Sept. 11 holds new meaning for Bristol couple

Sept. 11 holds new meaning for Bristol couple

Meghan Carotenuti and Louis Stravato show off their baby boy Louis, who was born on Sept. 11, 2013.

Meghan Carotenuti and Louis Stravato show off their baby boy Louis, who was born on Sept. 11, 2013.
Meghan Carotenuti and Louis Stravato show off their baby boy, Louis, who was born on Sept. 11, 2013.
While Americans observed a moment of silence last Wednesday to commemorate the 12th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, Bristol residents Louis Stravato and Meaghan Carotenuti welcomed the joyful cries of their new baby boy, Louis Stravato.

His delivery at 9:32 a.m. on Sept. 11, was anything but ironic. The couple, both 12-year veterans of Bristol Rescue (Ms. Carotenuti) and Warren Fire Department (Mr. Stravato), scheduled the birth of their son to coincide with the World Trade Center attacks.

“It’s always a sad day, and I wanted to make it a happy day,” said Ms. Carotenuti. “It’s a sad day for everyone on the fire department, police department and throughout the country. A lot of life was lost on that day.”

The couple learned that Ms. Carotenuti was pregnant shortly after Christmas, which shocked them both. Doctors had told Ms. Carotenuti that she’d never conceive on her own again, following four years of infertility treatment she needed to get pregnant with her twins, now 4. Louis is their “miracle baby.”

Her initial due date was Sept. 18, 2013. Since she delivered her twins via cesarean, she had the option to deliver Louis the same way. The couple didn’t hesitate to make their baby’s birthday the same as the day the twin towers fell.

“We were just trying to make it more of a memorable day having little Louis, more of a happy day,” Mr. Stravato said. “We still recognize those who lost their lives that day. We just wanted to give it a new, happy meaning.”

The healthy boy weighed in at 7.3 pounds.


  1. Personally I think that is a little sick, being born on the 4th of july is one thing, but to be born on a day of death is not my cup of tea.

  2. Well Goodbytori, everyone is entitled to there opinion! It might not be your cup of tea but to my family it has meaning especially having it be a circle of life! You may not understand it but to are family we do and thats all that counts! so I appreciate you reading the article have a blessed day!

  3. what makes me sick is the two that think its bad to have a baby on 9/11. There bundle of joy that arrived on 9/11 brought happiness to there family and friends. Happiness there friends and family have been waiting for. Firefighter and EMT having there baby on 9/11 brings a good meaning to 9/11 now for them may not removes all the bad memories to that day but for now its happiness for them. Congrats two the both of you on your baby

  4. You see these comments about my opinion seem to be as bad as the story, I chose to make a comment about it because it is my right too, just as you have a right to make a comment, but please don’t tell me I should not comment on it, because now your violating my rights of free speech. People are born every day, lets celebrate a birth by bringing up tragedy. Whats next advertise a birth on the annirversey of SANDY HOOK!

    • goodbytori-
      yes, i agree with you and i commented similarly yesterday but it seems that the KGB at the phoenix didn’t like my opinion and now my comments are “awaiting moderation”.

    • Yes we all have free speech, but don’t use that as your excuse to comment in a negative manner, as you both have. Whatever a persons choice is , the miracle of a birth of a child is first and foremost.

      And Walter I commented on your disgusting post yesterday and I am glad they took it down.
      People like you hid behind the computer and comment on blogs negatively is cowardly…As I said before , shame on you both !!!

      If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.

    • Goodbytori and Waterheisenberg – No one really cares about your opinion and how you feel about this subject. It falls on deaf ears that sit around a dinner table together, laughing at how pathetic your lives probably are. Because if they weren’t so sad and depressing, you wouldn’t have the time to sit at home and look for articles to leave negative comments on. These VOLUNTEER public servants (who have probably saved you or someone you care about at one point in their career) decided they wanted to have their child on a day that symbolizes the unity and courage of the American people. 9/11 was a day of tragedy…how studious of you….but for intelligent human beings, it also represents the day the American people came together and stood strong. That’s what this child represents. So you can sit there, stew in our own negativity, and try to relate this birth to something awful, but it doesn’t equate.

  5. t lima, I never made any statement on the good deeds of these emt’s so were are you reading this from. I simply stated I disagree using that day for com-remembrance. your comments to me are disgusting as you do not even know me. I spent several years in the same position of helping people and saving lives. If my opinion seems negative then so be it, what I choose to do with my time is my business so please spare me with your poopping on blogs with negative responses.

    • Refer to my previous statements. “No one really cares about your opinion and how you feel about this subject (or anything for that matter) and “stew in your own negativity.”

      • tlima seems to be the one with the issues
        not only do i not agree with what the “parents” did – by reporting on this non-story, i think the phoenix is showing it’s bias in pandering to the liberal majority in town
        in addition, if the paper version of the phoenix got any thinner it would be invisible – take out the ads, obits, legal notices and community events and you’ve about 2 “news” stories – terrible

  6. I would hope if anyone has any respect towards my family an I Goodbytori and walterheisenberg would stop there comments right there please an go find someone else to set there opinions on! Thank you

  7. it’s got nothing to do with respect – it’s about the choices we make
    your choice to associate your child to 9-11, for whatever reason, in my opinion was selfish and downright stupid – a symptom of the “look-at-me” times we are now living in
    congratulations – you’ve had your 15 minutes – maybe if you’re lucky CNN will pick up the story
    please don’t confuse this with the gratitude I and most Bristolians have for you and all the other volunteer fire / rescue workers – there are none finer
    congratulations on your bundle of joy – may he give you a lifetime of happiness
    Now – it is MY DECISION to end commenting on this subject

  8. Mr. heinsenberg instead of reading your comments on here I think we should sit down over coffee so I can hear all your opinions at once!

    • Good idea!
      I’ll be at Angelina’s tomorrow at 9am enjoying a pour-over!
      Just ask for Walt.
      I’ll also give you some free parenting tips.

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