Seel sets sights on E.P. Ward 3 Council seat

Seel sets sights on E.P. Ward 3 Council seat


EAST PROVIDENCE — East Providence resident Candy Seel announces her candidacy for City Council in Ward 3. Mrs. Seel previously ran for the Ward 3 seat in 2012 – and came close to winning the race by garnering 43 percent of the vote in the general election.

In declaring her candidacy, Mrs. Seel says she has become increasingly frustrated with the governance of East Providence in recent years – especially with the incumbent Councilperson from Ward 3.

“From what I see, he governs basically by interfering in day-to-day city administration, using cronyism and deference to special interests as his guide,” she says. “If I have the opportunity and honor to sit in that seat, I will govern as best I can for the benefit of all the people of East Providence, not just a special few. After all, that’s the motto on our city seal: ‘Pro bono publico’–‘For the Public Good’ – not ‘For Personal Gain.’”

Mrs. Seel has lived in East Providence for over 30 years. She and her husband Jerry have owned their home on South Broadway since 1994. She graduated from East Providence High School in 1965. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from George Washington University in 1974 and successfully completed URI’s Master of Public Administration degree program in 2009. Mrs. Seel is employed full-time as a Project Coordinator at Rhode Island School of Design, where she has worked since 1999.

If elected, Seal’s top priority will be to use the taxpayers’ money as effectively as possible. “When I walked door-to-door through Ward 3 during the 2012 campaign, I heard from countless homeowners that the time was quickly approaching that they wouldn’t be able to afford to live in East Providence any longer. Some of these residents have lived here since childhood, and their parents before them,” she says. “I plan to focus like a laser beam on rooting out misuse and waste of precious resources, if it exists – and I’m afraid it does.”

Mrs. Seel continued: “I will work with the other members of the Council and city administrators to make East Providence’s commercial and residential tax rates regionally competitive. Our tax rates discourage new businesses and residents from moving in and, unfortunately, encourage existing businesses and residents to move out. When our tax base grows, East Providence will grow along with it.”

On the topic of planning, Mrs. Seel says: “I look forward to working with our city’s Planning and Public Works departments on long-term planning – planning for infrastructure maintenance and replacement, for economic growth, and for strategic scheduling of bond proposals, so that we’re not lurching from one impending catastrophe to the next without any cohesive policy or strategy. I want East Providence to be proactive, not constantly reactive.”

“I know I can make a positive difference for East Providence,” Mrs. Seel says. “I hope I can earn the support of the voters and have an opportunity to prove it.”