Search for new East Providence athletic director takes a bit longer than...

Search for new East Providence athletic director takes a bit longer than anticipated


EAST PROVIDENCE — The search to fill the East Providence School District athletic director position to replace the out-going Paul Amaral will take a bit longer than originally anticipated due to changes made by the Budget Commission last year to the city’s hiring practices.

Because the incoming athletic director will take a position that is considered “new,” the opening is subject amendments made by the state-overseers. The objectives of the AD job have been rewritten, considering the lack of oversight of the defunct middle school sports programs and the dissolution of the assistant athletic director job.

The Budget Commission, in its attempt to curtail any perceived cronyism and nepotism within all departments, last year changed East Providence’s hiring practices to allow applicants for any so-called “new” position to come from outside city as well as those who may already be on staff. The Commission, at the time, also said it wasn’t good or smart practice to limit the applicant pool to only city employees.

Two internal candidates from the E.P. School system are believed to have applied for the AD job, according to sources. Those candidates are believed to be current assistant athletic director Bob Duarte and current EPHS teacher John Stringfellow. A significant number of external candidates have also signaled interest.

The application period has ended. Interviews of candidates are expected to take place early next week, starting Monday, Sept. 16.