Search for East Providence Municipal Finance Advisor accelerates

Search for East Providence Municipal Finance Advisor accelerates


EAST PROVIDENCE — High-ranking sources in state government have exclusively told The Post and the search to fill the amended Fiscal Stability Act-mandated Municipal Finance Advisor position for East Providence has accelerated over the last week.

At its most recent meeting Thursday, Aug. 22, the Budget Commission announced the liaison position created under the act was en route to being filled.

Budget Commission member and Deputy Director for the Department of Revenue Christy Healey noted the posting period for interested applicants closed on Friday, Aug. 23. Mrs. Healey said the State Department of Revenue received several inquiries for the position.

Commission Chairman Diane Brennan told those in attendance Aug. 22 a review of the applications was expected to begin shortly followed by calls to candidates to set up interviews.

Mrs. Brennan said she hoped to have more information to offer on the matter by the next Commission meeting scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 12, at 3 p.m. in Room 306 of City Hall.

It appears as though she just may.

According to the sources, the candidate pool has been whittled down to three applicants. Interviews have been scheduled with two of the three, the third still to be set. State Director of Revenue Rosemary Booth Gallogly will make the final decision on the hire. The state and city will evenly split the cost of paying the MFA, whose salary package, including benefits, is estimated to cost in the range of $150,000 annually. The MFA will be in place as part of the five-year oversight of East Providence’s affairs by the state.

While not directly confirming the information when asked about the status of the MFA search, Mrs. Healey wrote in an email exchange Friday, Aug. 30, “We had a good turnout on the applications and we are hoping to move quickly on the appointment.”

No word was given by anyone spoken to by The Post as to the implications the MFA’s hire would have on the time frame for the Budget Commission’s anticipated exit from the city.