Search for A’Vant murder suspect approaches two weeks

Search for A’Vant murder suspect approaches two weeks

An artist's composite sketch of the suspect in the murder of East Providence resident Yusef A'Vant.

EAST PROVIDENCE — Approaching two weeks since the murder of 42-year-old businessman Yusef A’Vant in city, East Providence Police continue their quest to find the killer.

Discussing the case on Monday afternoon, Aug. 25, EPPD Detective Captain Richard Frazier said “we’re still investigating” the shooting incident, which took the life of Mr. A’Vant, the owner/operator of the former Krazy Kuts barber shop located at 2402 Pawtucket Avenue, on the afternoon of Wednesday, Aug. 13.

Police released a composite sketch of the alleged suspect two days after the murder. Other than an accompanying description of the shooter — his approximated age, height and weight, his race and what he was supposed to be wearing on the day of the event — they have offered up few other specifics. Monday, Capt. Frazier remained rather vague as well.

On a possible reason for Mr. A’Vant’s murder, all Capt. Frazier would say was “we’re looking into anything and everything possible. We’re looking into all leads and motives.”