SCRABBLE free now available on Android

SCRABBLE free now available on Android


SCRABBLE for Android
EA Mobile released its first free game for Android, SCRABBLE Free. SCRABBLE is a true multiplayer experience with no platform boundaries. Players can connect with just about anyone, anytime, anywhere, however they’d like to play.  

SCRABBLE fans can now get the crossword competition going with friends on Facebook, iOS and Android devices with the launch of SCRABBLE Free on Android today. As EA’s first free game launch on Android, SCRABBLE Free gives fans more ways to find friends than ever before with cross-platform play on Android, PC (via Facebook) and iOS and the ability connect through Facebook or Origin to find friends and new challengers—all for free!

• Finding friends has never been easier: Play with friends no matter what device they have! Connect through Facebook or Origin to find competitors across Android, PC, iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch.

• Jump into a game with a new challenger: Use the “play random opponent” mode and start a game with a new opponent in just one click.

• More simultaneous games: Keep the competition going with up to 50 network games at once.

• Pass n’ Play mode: In the mood for an in-person game? Pass n’ Play mode lets users start a local game with a friend.

• At a loss for words? Get a helping hand! Check your words against the official SCRABBLE dictionary before making a move or use the in-game word list for some cunning word suggestions.

• Learn as you go in every gameplay mode: By popular demand, the exclusive SCRABBLE Teacher Feature is now available in EVERY gameplay mode. See the best word choice from your previous move with this fan favorite feature. The more you play, the better you get!

• Special features not found anywhere else: Nudge friends, force forfeits, browse player
To download SCRABBLE Free for Android, please visit the Marketplace