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Scout makes Independence Day try for Spain

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The Tiverton team lugs Scout down the beach at Fogland last week prior to launching. (BILL MURPHY)

The Tiverton team lugs Scout down the beach at Fogland last week prior to launching. (BILL MURPHY)

Scout, the solar-powered unmanned boat built by a Tiverton team, may be off to Spain again — this time with less fanfare. A first attempt failed off Martha’s Vineyard when clouds kept batteries from charging and the boat was adrift too close to shore.

At 8 am, five hours into the voyage, Scout had travelled 16 miles on correct course, averaging over 3 knots.

This message was sent out yesterday …

———– The day has come (again!) to launch Scout off to Spain.  This time the crew has made a few changes to fully leverage both the batteries and daylight to
our advantage.  Given the previous launch exceeded power budget due to cloudy skies, we have been analyzing weather patterns and predictions as
well as re-assessing our launch site.

Scout will be launched between 1 and 2 AM on July 4, 2013 from the West side of Sakonnet Point.

The original launch site of Fogland beach required Scout to motor through the Sakonnet River for ~4 hours against the wind and current burning through battery
reserves.  Due to the lack of sun on Launch day, we found that Scout was unable to replenish the power used on the River motoring went into a normal
“drift” mode at about 11pm.  This left scout at the mercy of the wind and currents for 8 hours until it was able to gain some sunlight and sprang to
life again at 7am.  Unfortunately this overnight drift left Scout far too close to the No Man’s Land Island and required rescue.  See the First
Launch Tracklog including the rescue here: http://www.gotransat.com/firstlaunch/

We fully understand that a 1-2 AM launch is an abnormal time, but we’d still like to welcome any spectators willing to come out at such an hour to
view this hopefully historic event.

Our live tracking website (now mobile friendly) will start tracking as soon as Scout departs the beach.  You can view that site here:


Thanks again for you continued support!

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