Wilbur & McMahon closes; classes move to modulars

Lawton Moving & Storage employees lug chairs out of Wilbur & McMahon School for the short ride to the modulars.

Lawton Moving & Storage employees lug chairs out of Wilbur & McMahon School for the short ride to the modulars.

LITTLE COMPTON —The long-awaited shift from the old Wilbur & McMahon School to the modular classrooms about 300 yards to the west has been underway for days, but began in earnest Monday, the first day of the winter break.

An e-mail announcement from the school department went out on Saturday, Feb. 16, that read: “The Wilbur and McMahon School is officially closed for renovation. All students will report to the portable classrooms after February vacation. Have a safe and happy break. Thank you to all of the faculty, staff and volunteers who helped with the move.”

The day before, Principal Joao Arruda sent his own message to families, announcing that Monday, Feb. 25 “will be our first day in the new modular buildings.”

Bus drop off

“The buses will drop off the students at the same time in a special route dedicated only to buses, very close to the modulars, ” he said.  “Parent drop off is in the upper level, closer to the Sergeant Field area.  The teachers will be outside meeting all students on their first day of school so they direct them to their  new classrooms.  Also, we will have our classroom aides helping us with the directing of our students to their proper locations.”

For the first week in the modulars, no pre-school activities will take place, such as band and chorus, he said.

Principal Arruda announced an open house for all parents on Tuesday, Feb. 26, from 5-6 p.m. in [Modular] buildings 1 and 2.

Immediately afterwards,there will be “an informational meeting with the superintendent, police and fire chiefs at the Town Hall at 6 p.m.

Lunch and more

Lunches for grades 5-8 will be served in the cafeteria in Pod 2, Principal Arruda said. K-4 students will eat in their rooms for the first week.  A schedule will be developed the first week of school that will accommodate all grades for lunch and recess.

Principal Arruda said parent volunteers who would like to help for the first week with the lunches, “should please contact Mrs. Crowley or Mrs. Morrison.”





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