Portsmouth school nurse recognized for saving student

Portsmouth school nurse recognized for saving student

Nancy Souza has been recognized by both the School Committee and Town Council for saving the life of a student earlier this year.

PORTSMOUTH — The Portsmouth Middle School nurse got a big pat on the back from the School Committee Tuesday night.

Earlier this year, Nancy Souza was credited for saving a young student’s life at the school. The student, who has diabetes, had suffered a grand map seizure due to low blood sugar.

Ms. Souza quickly administered an emergency medication called Glucagon, which elevated the blood sugar level and restored the child’s consciousness. The student was taken to a local emergency room and released the same day.

School Committee member Andrew Kelly, chairman of the Subcommittee on Health and Wellness, recognized Ms. Souza at Tuesday night’s meeting.

“And on a personal note I’d like to thank her for all her help on the health and wellness committee. She’s my knowledge base,” said Mr. Kelly, as Ms. Souza received a standing ovation.

Ms. Souza, a school nurse for 28 years, offered to train anyone in giving emergency treatment to people with diabetes.

“It’s not that difficult and it did save a life. So if you’re interested, come make an appointment,” she said.

On July 14, the Town Council also recognized Ms. Souza for her ability to respond under extreme circumstances.

“Her demeanor, expertise and confidence helped to calm the students and staff, who witnessed the medical emergency, resulting in a positive outcome,” stated the council’s proclamation.