Meet the first Portsmouth High School mascot!

Meet the first Portsmouth High School mascot!


The new Patriots mascot is cheered on as he runs into the gym.
The new Patriots mascot is cheered on as he runs into the gym. Photos by Richard W. Dionne Jr.
PORTSMOUTH — Sporting the colors — what else? — red, white and blue, Portsmouth High School’s first-ever mascot was unveiled to the entire student body with great fanfare Friday afternoon.

The seven-foot-tall Portsmouth Patriot ran out into the gym during a festive pep rally, bumping fists with students and faculty members who cheered him on.

If the mascot’s design looks familiar, that’s because none other than Big Nazo puppets of Providence had a hand in its creation. The international performance group is famous for its colorful and hilarious larger-than-life-sized characters.

The pep rally was held in conjunction with the schools’ annual International Volleyball Tournament.

“It’s an intramural tournament sponsored by our foreign language department,” said Principal Robert Littlefield. “Kids pick their own teams and they pick their own countries.”

Principal Robert Littlefield poses with the new mascot.
Principal Robert Littlefield poses with the new mascot.
The four-day tournament concluded with the finals at Friday’s pep rally, in which Team Mexico defeated Team Ecuador, 25-11. Mexico then played a faculty team and beat the grownups in a hard-fought battle, 25-21.

The school’s Choral Ensemble performed The National Anthem and the Jazz Ensemble played a rocking version of “The House of the Rising Sun” as well as some tunes during the volleyball matches.

phsmascot4Also at the pep rally, the school’s unified basketball team was introduced. The team, first formed in 2011, allows students both with and without intellectual disabilities to play together on the same team.


  1. I’m an alumni from PHS, class of 2008. Over the past year I’ve devolved a full movie script around my colleges mascot Wildcat Willie. The first scenes, however, take place in high school. Now, I am just finding out we actually have a mascot. I had actually invented one for the scene as “Patriot Pete”. I was totally unaware at the same time Willie was being reinvented in reality (new suit), reality was also creating a mascot for PHS?!

    Ok so I had no idea what Patriot Pete would look like but I want it to match. And the name. So the question is: WHAT IS OUT MASCOTS NAME (since an actual mascot exist now, I can use Pete. It need to match. There is in reality a wildcat Willie from my college)

    So anyone know this new mascots name? I have to replace it in my scripts first scene…and wherever else the main character mentions him though it’s not much since it focuses more on the college mascot (don’t want to give spoilers…)