‘Hopes and Dreams’ and ‘Acts of Kindness’ — Wolf School Assembly



Grade 4 teacher Amy Taft (rear) applauds during Wolf School’s weekly all-school assembly, along with some of her students.

Every Thursday, at 8:40 a.m., the entire Wolf School enters the school gymnasium and takes a seat on the floor. On a recent morning, they gathered in a semicircle around Interim Head of School Anna Johnson and started by saying hello to each other through elbow bumps.

After a few introductions (who’s that man with the notepad and the other man with the camera?) and announcements, the sixth-graders stood before their peers and read poems they had written about themselves. From kindergarten to Grade 8, the students were remarkably quiet and composed. Many sat with legs crossed, listening.

Then Ms. Johnson asked the students about their “Hopes and Dreams” for this school year.

Lucas said, “I want to learn multiplication and division.”

Brady said, “I want to collect classic cars.”

Vivian said, “My hope and dream is to become a teacher,” which elicited a round of “awws” from the staff.

Mario said he wants to “make friends.”

Matthew wants to “fly a plane.”

Destiny said, “I want to be a better writer.”

Emily said, “I want to learn the periodic table and become a geneticist.”

Noah said he wants to play a lot of pinball. Ms. Johnson noted that teaching assistant Maureen Quinn loves pinball. “What do you think about that, Noah?” she asked in front of the whole school. “I might talk to you if I have a chance,” he said to the teacher on the far side of the gym, triggering an outburst of laughter through the gym.

They ended with “Acts of Kindness,” which had been submitted on index cards throughout the past week.

Meg said that Ariana had helped her pick up pencils. Emily said two classmates cheered her up. Mason gave Matthew a turn on the swing. Noah said LaJhon helped him several times become calm. Jack said Mattie was a good friend by giving him a pat on the back and getting his pencil bag when he wasn’t feeling good.

“That’s so kind,” Ms. Johnson said, before ending the assembly and sending everyone back to class.


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