Hampden Meadows School’s science scores improve

Hampden Meadows School’s science scores improve


Hampden Meadows School was one of four elementary schools in the state that made statistically significant improvements with its NECAP science test scores this year.

According to information from the Rhode Island Department of Education, Hampden Meadows students tested at 64.7 percent proficiency on the NECAP science tests in 2011, but improved to 77.8 percent on the 2012 test.

NECAP stands for the New England Common Assessment Program, which offers standardized assessments for students in a number of New England states.

Barrington High School and Barrington Middle School had the best NECAP science test results this year among their respective peers.

Barrington High School students tested at 68.5 percent proficiency while the next highest marks went to East Greenwich (62.6 percent) and Narragansett (60.2 percent). Barrington High School also had more students taking the test (248) than both East Greenwich (179) and Narragansett (123).

Barrington Middle School students tested at 70.8 percent proficiency while the next highest results were tallied at Wickford Middle School in North Kingstown (68.8) and Chariho Regional Middle School (56.2 percent). Barrington Middle School had 236 students taking the test while Wickford Middle School had 141 and Chariho had 235.

Results from Hampden Meadows School showed an impressive improvement as student proficiency marks jumped 13 percentage points. Measured against other districts, only New Shoreham, which had 10 students tested, and The Compass School, with 17 students, had better results. New Shoreham’s proficiency mark was 83.3 percent, while The Compass School tallied a proficiency mark of 78.9 percent.

“I think we should be very pleased about this development,” said Barrington School Committee Chairman Patrick Guida. “And I think we should now identify what we did right and do more of it.”

Mr. Guida also thought it was worth noting that Barrington was one of 11 school districts statewide to be praised by the state department of education for making significant improvements overall.

“I think that’s very important,” he said.