East Providence’s Waddington School students participate in Feinstein documentary


EAST PROVIDENCE — Alan Shawn Feinstein, the noted philanthropist, recently visited the Alice M. Waddington Elementary School in Riverside, a member building of the Feinstein Leadership program.

Last summer, Waddington students were among those asked to participate in an upcoming PBS documentary called “Good Deeds Program,” an initiative created to encourage students to perform “acts of kindness that make a positive difference in the lives of others.” In concert, their teachers “are provided with  incentives including grants for projects they undertake with their classes to help better their communities” through the program

During his visit to the school, Mr. Feinstein provided Waddington students with Junior Scholar cards, which let students and families enjoy community events/activities for free or reduced prices. Each student also received a journal to record good deeds. The documentary including Waddington students is set to air in February.


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