East Providence’s Providence Country Day School names trimester honor students

East Providence’s Providence Country Day School names trimester honor students


EAST PROVIDENCE — The Providence Country Day School has named its honor roll students for the first trimester of the 2013-14 term. Students are list by grade, last name, honor level and hometown.

8, Bloom, Michael, Honors, Attleboro

12, Salgueiro, Kyle, High Honors, Barrington; 7, Fiorito, Robert, Honors, Barrington; 8, Maio, A.J., Honors, Barrington; 9, Quas, Maxon, Honors, Barrington; 11, Newman, Barry, Honors, Barrington

12, Crespi, Bailey, Honors, Berkley

11, Hampton, Maxwell, Honors, Bristol

7, Carranza, Alison, High Honors, Cranston; 10, Diwan, Dante, High Honors, Cranston; 12, Diwan, Alexander, High Honors, Cranston; 7, Rael, Lola, Honors, Cranston; 10, Thaler, Aliya, Honors, Cranston; 11, Petronio, Christopher, Honors, Cranston

11, Gnys, Emily, High Honors, Cumberland; 12, Mazza, Laurie, High Honors, Cumberland

7, Philips, Joshua, Honors, Dartmouth

12, Amburn, Amalia, High Honors, Dayville

9, Shamgochian, John, High Honors, East Providence

10, Liebhauser, Max, High Honors, Jamestown; 10, Zelaya-Rincon, Gabriel, Honors, Jamestown

7, Jawharjian, Zachary, Honors, Lincoln; 10, Azar, Alexander, Honors, Lincoln; 11, Galleshaw, Matthew, Honors, Lincoln; 11, Walker, Jake, Honors, Lincoln

11, LaRose, Justin, Honors, Mansfield

12, Montoya-Pimolwatana, Maya, Honors, Middletown

9, Marsella, Matthew, Honors, Narragansett

12, Kanter, Eli, High Honors, New Bedford; 7, Franklin, Hanna, Honors, New Bedford; 7, Franklin, Paige, Honors, New Bedford

12, Cloherty, Bryan, High Honors, North Attleboro

10, Press, Max, Honors, North Providence; 11, Lough, Robert, High Honors, North Providence; 10, Gall, Mark, Honors, North Providence; 11, Perez, Catalina, Honors, North Providence

6, Farrelly, Leo, High Honors, Norton; 7, Tetreault, Michael, High Honors, Norton

9, Ehrlich, Lucy, High Honors, Pawtucket; 12, Weiner, Elizabeth, High Honors, Pawtucket; 8, Guzman, Alexandra, Honors, Pawtucket; 10, Gallego Acosta, Sebastian, Honors, Pawtucket

9, Wray, Tucker, High Honors, Portsmouth; 12, Spiro, Abigail, High Honors, Portsmouth

7, Schaefer, Henry, High Honors, Providence; 8, Schaefer, Peder, High Honors, Providence; 9, Wu, Rosalind, High Honors, Providence; 11, Chen, Eddie, High Honors, Providence; 11, Galor, Omri, High Honors, Providence; 11, Wu, Caroling, High Honors, Providence; 12, Bharier, Esther, High Honors, Providence; 6, Crucey, Sonya, Honors, Providence; 6, Littell, Liana, Honors, Providence; 7, Disandro, Nathan, Honors, Providence; 8, Campbell, Olivia, Honors, Providence

9, Bauman, David, High Honors, Rehoboth; 11, Bauman, Isabelle, High Honors, Rehoboth; 7, McLaughlin, Catherine, Honors, Rehoboth; 7, Musto, William, Honors, Rehoboth; 9, Hobson, Ethan, Honors, Rehoboth; 11, Potter, Jessica, Honors, Rehoboth; 12, McGonigle, Huntter, Honors, Rehoboth; 12, Tschirch, David, Honors, Rehoboth

6, Trendell, Elliott, High Honors, Riverside; 9, Feeney, Sean, Honors, Riverside; 11, Wolfson, Rafi, Honors, Riverside

11, Anderson, Moira, High Honors, Rumford; 6, Britto, Illianna, Honors, Rumford; 6, Moubayed, Alexander, Honors, Rumford; 6, Moura, Paul, Honors, Rumford; 7, Britto, Isaiah, Honors, Rumford; 7, Chiariello, Andrew, Honors, Rumford; 10, Anderson, Beibhinn, Honors, Rumford; 10, Brennan, Patrick, Honors, Rumford; 10, Britto, Isabel, Honors, Rumford; 10, McNamara, Jr., Joe, Honors, Rumford; 12, McCarthy, Callan, Honors, Rumford

12, D’ Alessandro, Ryan, Honors, Scituate

10, Shang, Peter, High Honors, Seekonk; 11, Greene, John, High Honors, Seekonk

7, Damiano, Dante, Honors, Smithfield; 11, Mongeon, Sofia, Honors, Smithfield

9, Pope, Lexi, High Honors, South Dartmouth

10, Spiegel, Stephanie, Honors, Swansea

12, Christman, Julia, High Honors, Tiverton; 12, Dowling-Huppert, Elias, Honors, Tiverton

10, Le Gallo, Benoit, Honors, Warren; 12, Bullard, Alexa, Honors, Warren; 12, Pearson, Nicholas, Honors, Warren

6, Demetrakas, Gregory, High Honors, Warwick; 9, Viall, Henry, Honors, Warwick;

12, Benjamin, Sarah, Honors, Warwick

9, Byrnes, Eli, High Honors, Westport; 11, Horton, Alanna, High Honors, Westport