East Providence’s Bay View Academy announces second quarter honor roll

East Providence’s Bay View Academy announces second quarter honor roll


EAST PROVIDENCE — The St. Mary Academy-Bay View community recognizes those students who demonstrate above average scholastic achievement on a quarterly basis via the Honor Roll.

Students in grades six through twelve who achieve all A’s for the quarter grading period are given “high honors.” Those who achieve A’s and B’s for the quarter grading period are recognized as “honors.”

The following is the list of students who achieved placement on the Bay View Academy Honor Roll for the second quarter of the 2013-2014 school year. Students are listed by name, hometown, grade and honor level.


Sonia Dady, Attleboro, 7, Honors; Christina DesVergnes, Attleboro, 11, Honors; Carlee Sincavage, Foxboro, 12, Honors; Gabriella D’Attilio, Franklin, 11, Honors; Giovanna Sgalia, Hopedale, 7, Honors; Laura Rubino, Mansfield, 9, High Honors Kathleen Rubino, Mansfield, 8, Honors; Tory Bauer, Mendon, 11, Honors; Brooke Nyman,, North Attleboro, 7, High Honors Casey David, Rehoboth, 7, High Honors Hannah Nadeau, Rehoboth, 7, High Honors Samantha Crausman, Rehoboth, 11, High Honors Shelley Hobson, Rehoboth, 12, High Honors Gabriella Moreira, Rehoboth, 6, Honors; Lily Gucfa, Rehoboth, 7, Honors; Catherine Donnelly, Rehoboth, 9, Honors; Jael Zipporah Cade White, Rehoboth, 9, Honors; Abigail Tidwell, Rehoboth, 10, Honors; Emma Tremont, Rehoboth, 10, Honors; Andrea Haddad, Rehoboth, 12, Honors; Paige Monk, Rehoboth, 12, Honors; Elizabeth Cooney, Rehoboth, 7, Honors; Melina Cabral, Seekonk, 6, High Honors Katherine Kerr, Seekonk, 7, High Honors Amelia Brown, Seekonk, 9, High Honors Hailey Campatelli, Seekonk, 9, High Honors Daniella Olivares, Seekonk, 6, Honors; Lindsay Dalton, Seekonk, 10, Honors; Patricia Gauthier, Seekonk, 12, Honors; Stephanie Labib, Swansea, 12, High Honors Laura McCann, Swansea, 10, Honors; Shalyn Shorter Swansea, 11, Honors; Laura Poulton, Westport, 12, High Honors; Abigail Swift, Westport, 6, Honors

Rhode Island

Sonia Wessen, Barrington, 7, High Honors Julia Plumb, Barrington, 10, High Honors Julia Wessen, Barrington, 12, High Honors Caitlin Cummings, Barrington, 6, Honors; Margaret Greene, Barrington, 7, Honors; Julia Mogavero, Barrington, 7, Honors; Julia McMahon, Barrington, 9, Honors; Megan, Johnstone, Barrington, 10, Honors; Taylor Morris, Barrington, 10, Honors; Madeline Chrupcala, Barrington, 11, Honors; Yeonkyung (Anna) Kim, Barrington, 12, Honors
Alana McGuinness, Bristol, 8, High Honors Kathryn Miller, Bristol, 9, High Honors Yaewon (Brittany) Ha, Bristol, 11, High Honors Abigail Mello, Bristol, 6, Honors; Elizabeth Morris, Bristol, 6, Honors; Claire Egan, Bristol, 7, Honors; Jalynne Ovalles-Cardany, Bristol, 8, Honors; Olivia Abreu, Bristol, 9, Honors; Tiffany Brooks, Bristol, 9, Honors; Caitlyn Federico, Bristol, 9, Honors; Jillian Federico, Bristol, 9, Honors; Chloe Headrick, Bristol, 9, Honors; Maddison Mello, Bristol, 9, Honors; Hope Morency, Bristol, 9, Honors; Christina Conley, Bristol, 10, Honors; Madison Beck, Bristol, 11, Honors; Sofia Cabral, Bristol, 11, Honors; Erin Devin, Bristol, 11, Honors; Sarah Elizabeth Healy, Bristol, 11, Honors; Colleen Miller, Bristol, 11, Honors; Marguerite Moran, Bristol, 11, Honors; Emily Geoffroy, Bristol, 12, Honors; Xinyan (Stephanie) Li, Bristol, 12, Honors; Devan Miller, Bristol, 12, Honors; Alia Trefrey, Bristol, 12, Honors
Anne Madeiros, Carolina, 10, Honors
Loreal Moniz, Central Falls, 10, Honors
Nicolette Theroux, Charlestown, 11, Honors
Isabella DiSalvo, Chepachet, 6, Honors; Elizabeth Kolakowski, Chepachet, 10, Honors
Autumn Houghton, Clayville, 12, High Honors
Sophia Javid, Coventry, 7, High Honors Chloe Michalopoulos, Coventry, 8, High Honors Cashel Koski, Coventry, 10, High Honors Juliana Kohler, Coventry, 11, High Honors Rachel Simoneau, Coventry, 12, High Honors Dakota Grenier, Coventry, 10, Honors; Danielle Pulvie, Coventry, 10, Honors; Alison Guilmette, Coventry, 11, Honors; Rylee Leonard, Coventry, 11, Honors; Kathryn O’Connor, Coventry, 11, Honors; Kristine McCann, Coventry, 12, Honors; Cortney Morris, Coventry, 12, Honors
Gabriella Maggiacomo, Cranston, 8, High Honors Lauren Moonan, Cranston, 8, High Honors Cassandra Gendron, Cranston, 9, High Honors Gabrielle Grieco, Cranston, 10, High Honors Melanie Morales, Cranston, 10, High Honors Marcella Mazzenga, Cranston, 11, High Honors Stephanie Jackvony, Cranston, 12, High Honors Alison Sherman, Cranston, 12, High Honors Emily Sulanowski, Cranston, 12, High Honors Lauren Cerullo, Cranston, 6, Honors; Claire Kirk, Cranston, 7, Honors; Lauren Tetreault, Cranston, 7, Honors; Caitlyn Bowles, Cranston, 8, Honors; Arianna Corso, Cranston, 8, Honors; Emme Grenier, Cranston, 8, Honors; Grace Hagberg, Cranston, 8, Honors; Alexa Brooks Major, Cranston, 9, Honors; Alexandra Howe, Cranston, 9, Honors; Corinne Krajewski, Cranston, 9, Honors; Jazzlyn Kwapong, Cranston, 9, Honors; Jaclyn Levesque, Cranston, 9, Honors; Marisa Mobilia, Cranston, 9, Honors; Michaela Vieira, Cranston, 9, Honors; Yihan (Christy) Feng, Cranston, 10, Honors; Catarina Girardi, Cranston, 10, Honors; Rose Mahoney, Cranston, 10, Honors; Ashley Omigie, Cranston, 10, Honors; Gianna Quillen, Cranston, 10, Honors; Yangyan (Angela) Sun, Cranston, 10, Honors; Nicole Bowman, Cranston, 11, Honors; Gabriella Coppa, Cranston, 11, Honors; Sophia Culpo, Cranston, 11, Honors; Amelia Goclowski, Cranston, 11, Honors; Alexa Quillen, Cranston, 11, Honors; Ashley Stone, Cranston, 11, Honors; Brianna Almonte, Cranston, 12, Honors; Gabriela DiNobile, Cranston, 12, Honors; Allissondra Dutra, Cranston, 12, Honors; Stephanie Mattiello, Cranston, 12, Honors; Emily Nunez, Cranston, 12, Honors; Caitlin Ponko, Cranston, 12, Honors; Stephanie Ricci, Cranston, 12, Honors; Sara Therrien, Cranston, 12, Honors; Shannon Vallande, Cranston, 12, Honors
Amelia Larson, Cumberland, 9, High Honors Sofia Rossi, Cumberland, 9, Honors; Olesya Tamburro, Cumberland, 7, High Honors
Sydney Ellis, East Greenwich, 8, High Honors Kirsten Hanlon, East Greenwich, 11, High Honors Isabella DeNuccio, East Greenwich, 7, Honors; Taylor DeNuccio, East Greenwich, 8, Honors; Claire Hanlon, East Greenwich, 9, Honors; Kelly Fischer, East Greenwich, 10, Honors; Catherine Amoriggi, East Greenwich, 11, Honors; Abigail Burke, East Greenwich, 11, Honors; Morgan Burke, East Greenwich, 11, Honors; Jacklyn Wilson, East Greenwich, 11, Honors; Molly Burke, East Greenwich, 12, Honors; Amelia Lusi, East Greenwich, 12, Honors; Lexi Santurri, East Greenwich, 12, Honors
Taylor Couto, East Providence, 7, High Honors Sarah Curran, East Providence, 7, High Honors Grace Holden, East Providence, 7, High Honors Caroline Mahoney, East Providence, 7, High Honors Allison Dillon, East Providence, 8, High Honors Kailey Williams, East Providence, 8, High Honors Zheyu (Ruby) Jin, East Providence, 10, High Honors Riley Medeiros, East Providence, 10, High Honors Sydnie-Grace Merlino, East Providence, 11, High Honors Stephanie Brown, East Providence, 12, High Honors Danielle Grace, East Providence, 12, High Honors Alexandra Scala, East Providence, 12, High Honors Meaghan Whittum, East Providence, 12, High Honors Xinyi (Serena) Wu, East Providence, 12, High Honors Rachel Bettencourt, East Providence, 6, Honors; Rylee Marin, East Providence, 6, Honors; Virginia Abbruzzi, East Providence, 7, Honors; Isabelle Booth, East Providence, 7, Honors; Kaylee Duquette, East Providence, 7, Honors; Elizabeth Killian, East Providence, 7, Honors; Madison Manuel, East Providence, 7, Honors; Jaime Sousa, East Providence, 7, Honors; Hope Briden, East Providence, 8, Honors; Bryanna Clement, East Providence, 8, Honors; Alexis DaSilva, East Providence, 8, Honors; Kelsea Dawson, East Providence, 8, Honors; Olivia Dumon, East Providence, 9, Honors; Olympia Good, East Providence, 9, Honors; Siyu (Angel) Liu, East Providence, 9, Honors; Cyanne Mitchell, East Providence, 9, Honors; Leah Sirmalis, East Providence, 9, Honors; Zoe Dowgiala, East Providence, 10, Honors; Ophelia Fernandes, East Providence, 10, Honors; Emily Machado, East Providence, 10, Honors; Taylor Moravec, East Providence, 10, Honors; Megan Niederberger, East Providence, 10, Honors; Soraya Pierre-Louis, East Providence, 10, Honors; Sarah Underwood, East Providence, 10, Honors; Leanne White, East Providence, 10, Honors; Tracy Bettencourt, East Providence, 11, Honors; Shannon Briden, East Providence, 11, Honors; Delia Sosa, East Providence, 11, Honors; Rachelle Faria, East Providence, 12, Honors; Victoria Furtado, East Providence, 12, Honors; Samantha Healy, East Providence, 12, Honors; Alexandra Krause, East Providence, 12, Honors; Tatianna Medina, East Providence, 12, Honors
Virginia Liberto Exeter, 12, Honors
Krystyna Kula, Greenville, 9, High Honors Angelica McAfee, Greenville, 8, Honors; Bianca McAfee, Greenville, 11, Honors
Vanessa Krause, Harrisville, 8, High Honors
Madeline Papitto, Hope, 9, Honors; Camilla Macera, Hope, 10, Honors
Isabella Zainyeh, Jamestown, 9, Honors
Michelle Saliba, Johnston, 10, High Honors Bianca Saliba, Johnston, 12, High Honors Victoria Allienello, Johnston, 9, Honors; Victoria Arpander, Johnston, 9, Honors; Angelica Provost, Johnston, 9, Honors; Jane Benum-Paolantonio, Johnston, 10, Honors; Marissa Chapkounian, Johnston, 10, Honors; Abigail Duffy, Johnston, 10, Honors; Ariana Cambio, Johnston, 11, Honors; Francesca Corsinetti, Johnston, 11, Honors; Samantha D’Arpino, Johnston, 11, Honors; Brittany Lizotte, Johnston, 11, Honors; Julia Pezzullo, Johnston, 11, Honors; Joanna Carlino, Johnston, 12, Honors; Olivia O’Connor, Johnston, 12, Honors; Sydney San Antonio, Johnston, 12, Honors
Grace Hamel, Lincoln, 8, Honors; Gabrielle Kumar, Lincoln, 8, Honors; Morgan Gabriele-Bucki, Lincoln, 10, Honors; Erin Azar, Lincoln, 11, Honors; Rebecca Ortiz, Lincoln, 12, Honors
Abigail MacKenzie, Middletown, 12, Honors
Victoria Hampton Narragansett, 8, Honors; Katherine McCann Narragansett, 12, Honors
Elizabeth Morisseau, North Kingstown, 11, High Honors Alexandra Indeglia, North Kingstown, 12, High Honors Megan Nadeau, North Kingstown, 10, Honors; Abigail Dolan, North Kingstown, 11, Honors; Elizabeth Moretti, North Kingstown, 11, Honors; Alexandra Roberti, North Kingstown, 11, Honors; Erin Dolan, North Kingstown, 12, Honors; Christiana Layman, North Kingstown, 12, Honors
Blaine Lynch-Gadaleta, North Providence, 8, High Honors Rebekah Pendrak, North Providence, 8, High Honors Allison Cross, North Providence, 10, High Honors Sokhna-Binta Gueye, North Providence, 6, Honors; Celia Macari, North Providence, 7, Honors; Elizabeth Lynch-Gadaleta, North Providence, 8, Honors; JoAnne Henry, North Providence, 9, Honors; Angela Xu, North Providence, 9, Honors; Jeweliana Moore, North Providence, 10, Honors; Eva Macari, North Providence, 11, Honors; Audrey Moroni, North Providence, 11, Honors; Marianna Bailey, North Providence, 12, Honors; Meghan Cross, North Providence, 12, Honors; Lisa Landolfi, North Providence, 12, Honors
Elizabeth Ng, North Scituate, 6, Honors; Caroline Ng, North Scituate, 7, Honors
Jillian Lee, North Scituate, 9, Honors; Mikaela Lee, North Scituate, 10, Honors; Cristina Marsocci, North Scituate, 12, Honors; Kara Mitola, North Scituate, 12, Honors
Britney Evangelista, North Smithfield, 12, Honors; Moriah Garzone, North Smithfield, 12, Honors
Gabriella DeFaria, Pawtucket, 8, High Honors Tess Rossi, Pawtucket, 10, High Honors Anna Tanalski, Pawtucket, 12, High Honors Nicole Baalbaki, Pawtucket, 6, Honors; Molly Donovan, Pawtucket, 7, Honors; Maite Cezario, Pawtucket, 9, Honors; Jazlyn Contreras, Pawtucket, 9, Honors; Hope, Lincoln, Pawtucket, 9, Honors; Jasmin Blackiston, Pawtucket, 10, Honors; Mackenzie DeFaria, Pawtucket, 10, Honors; Azzurra Catucci, Pawtucket, 12, Honors; Elyse Dunbar, Pawtucket, 12, Honors
Victoria Castano Portsmouth, 10, Honors
Jeanna Bateman, Providence, 6, High Honors Marisa Lee, Providence, 6, High Honors Grace Farrow, Providence, 7, High Honors Sophia Brooks-Randall, Providence, 9, High Honors Lily Sneesby, Providence, 9, High Honors Kaili (Kerry) Li, Providence, 10, High Honors Yining (Avy) Liu, Providence, 10, High Honors Qiongsha Luo, Providence, 10, High Honors Ruoxi Zhang, Providence, 10, High Honors Oyeyemi Kolawole, Providence, 11, High Honors Grace Sneesby, Providence, 11, High Honors Sara Akhtar, Providence, 6, Honors; Zoey Martin, Providence, 6, Honors; Karisma Verma, Providence, 6, Honors; Siena Negash, Providence, 7, Honors; Makayla Shine, Providence, 7, Honors; Claire Collins, Providence, 8, Honors; Emma Hancox, Providence, 8, Honors; Emily Kane, Providence, 8, Honors; Arianna Angeloni, Providence, 9, Honors; Meaghan Gillis, Providence, 10, Honors; Sophia Millard, Providence, 10, Honors; Ashlee Reyes, Providence, 10, Honors; Jenna Krapf, Providence, 11, Honors; Siyan (Lucia) Lu, Providence, 11, Honors; Isabella Millard, Providence, 11, Honors; Christine Sainterlien, Providence, 11, Honors; Merci-Pauline Ujeneza, Providence, 11, Honors; Marilyn VanErp, Providence, 11, Honors; Betzabel Vasquez, Providence, 11, Honors; Binxin (Heather) Yan, Providence, 11, Honors; HuiLun (Helen) Yang, Providence, 11, Honors; Siqi (Dara) Zhong, Providence, 11, Honors; Anne Schreck, Providence, 12, Honors; LiliLan Visgilio, Providence, 12, Honors; Dingying (Dolly) Zhao, Providence, 12, Honors; Samantha Collins Providence , 6, High Honors
Alexia Mattos, Saunderstown, 10, Honors
Gabrielle Smith, Smithfield, 12, High Honors Sarah Bain, Smithfield, 9, Honors; Jacqueline DiFilippo, Smithfield, 10, Honors; Megan Bain, Smithfield, 11, Honors; Maki Ikai, Smithfield, 11, Honors
Erin Gardiner South Kingstown, 11, Honors
Hannah Cabral, Tiverton, 9, High Honors Jessica McDonald, Tiverton, 9, High Honors Emily Gleason, Tiverton, 11, High Honors Sarah Garrity, Tiverton, 12, High Honors Lily Murray, Tiverton, 8, Honors; Molly Gleason, Tiverton, 9, Honors; Keri Murray, Tiverton, 11, Honors; Elizabeth Paradis, Tiverton, 12, Honors; Cori Sullivan, Tiverton, 12, Honors
Olivia Murray, Wakefield, 6, Honors
Alexa Dicomitis, Warren, 10, Honors; Emma Alfred, Warren, 12, Honors
Madeline Brannon, Warwick, 9, High Honors MacKenzie Grenier, Warwick, 9, High Honors Isabelle Lucente, Warwick, 9, High Honors Natalie Sangkagalo, Warwick, 9, High Honors Jenna Costantino, Warwick, 10, High Honors Dana Hackett, Warwick, 10, High Honors Lynandrea Mejia, Warwick, 10, High Honors Shannon Coffey, Warwick, 12, High Honors Kaitlin Brannon, Warwick, 7, Honors; Isabella Colapietro, Warwick, 9, Honors; Faith Maloney, Warwick, 9, Honors; Katie Paparelli, Warwick, 9, Honors; Camryn Raposo, Warwick, 9, Honors; Bismah Siddiqui, Warwick, 9, Honors; Natalie Turner, Warwick, 9, Honors; Melissa Beattie, Warwick, 11, Honors; Nicole Boucher, Warwick, 11, Honors; Vanessa Bundy, Warwick, 11, Honors; Isabella Carroll, Warwick, 11, Honors; Julianna Fielding, Warwick, 11, Honors; Caitlin Galamaga, Warwick, 11, Honors; Caroline Letendre, Warwick, 11, Honors; Mia Maggiacomo, Warwick, 11, Honors; Phoebe Belmore, Warwick, 12, Honors; Catherine Caldwell, Warwick, 12, Honors; Taylor Coffey, Warwick, 12, Honors; Danielle Hattoy, Warwick, 12, Honors; Hannah Shea, Warwick, 12, Honors; Michelle Taraian, Warwick, 12, Honors; Alexandra Weimar, Warwick, 12, Honors
Haley Lecomte, West Greenwich, 10, High Honors Lauren Della Grotta, West Greenwich, 12, High Honors
Jamie Tebeau West Warwick, 10, High Honors