Barrington High School needs an anthem

Barrington High School needs an anthem


Do you know all the words to Barrington High School’s alma mater?

You shouldn’t, because such a song doesn’t exist, though that may be about to change.

At a school committee meeting earlier this month, chairman Patrick Guida said it had recently occurred to him that the high school lacked an alma mater or anthem. Mr. Guida said he had talked with a couple people on the matter, including high school instrumental director Barbara Hughes, and thought the school committee should consider calling on local music teachers to put together a tune.

“I don’t know if anybody else is a sentimentalist like I am who would look favorably on that but I thought I would put it on the table,” Mr. Guida said, adding both his high school and college had anthems.

School committee member Scott Fuller then light-heartedly asked Mr. Guida if he would perform one of the songs, a request Mr. Guida politely declined.

The matter was left for further discussion at a future school committee meeting.


  1. This is the old Rah Rah tune, played after every touchdown scored. Obviously nor used anymore since there is no marching band. Maybe it can be tweeked into an anthem:

    Here’s to Barrington High School
    Faithful and true
    Here’s to the team that
    Wears the gold and blue
    Here’s to all the sports fans
    Who cheer them on
    Our team will win today
    So give three cheers “Rah Rah Rah”
    (sung to the Notre Dame Fight song?)