Barrington High School boys’ soccer beats Tolman

Barrington High School boys’ soccer beats Tolman


The Barrington High School boys’ soccer team will play Portsmouth in the Division I semi-finals Tuesday night after surviving a wild match with Tolman on Saturday.

The Eagles wrapped up their post-season opener with some timely scoring in a match that featured a vocal Victory Field crowd and a red card for each team.

The visiting Tigers had the night’s first goal off a header by sophomore striker Corey Chantre less than six minutes into the first half.

Barrington responded about six minutes later. Senior striker Finton Lalor broke away from the pack before out dribbling a defender and firing a shot into the top right corner of the net.

The first half finished at a 1-1 tie. The stalemate continued through the first 20 minutes of the second half before Barrington was hit with a red card. Tolman didn’t wait to capitalize, scoring on a penalty kick less than two minutes later.

Barrington rebounded despite the one man disadvtange, however, with Lalor’s second score of the night, a hard shot to the bottom left corner of the goal from about 10 yards out.

The two sides were brought even with about 3:30 left in regulation after Tolman was hit with a red card. Less than one minute later, Barrington senior midfielder Aiden Egglin scored the contest’s deciding goal off a free kick pass from senior defender Matthew Roberts.

The Eagles’ semi-final match will be played at Cranston Stadium with a 6:30 p.m. start time.