At Barrington High School, rumors raise concern

At Barrington High School, rumors raise concern


There will be an increased police presence at Barrington High School Friday to calm concerns raised by several rumors on Thursday.

In a communication to parents, high school principal said Joe Hurley said the rumors centered on a student who was planning to “do harm to the students and staff” at the high school.

Mr. Hurley said the police were notified and subsequently visited the student’s house where they spoke with him and his parents. Mr. Hurley said the student no longer attends the high school.

“To ensure the safety of all students and staff at BHS I have been in contact with Barrington Police Chief John LaCross. In order to calm the concerns of our school community, it has been determined that we will increase the presence of the police department throughout the day tomorrow,” wrote Mr. Hurley.

The safety and security of the students and staff at Barrington High School is always our number one priority. Please trust that we will remain diligent in our duties to ensure a safe school environment for all of our children.”