Say what? Interesting wording in Warren


securedownloadSo is the meeting on? Or off? It’s hard to tell which by reading this meeting notice for the Bristol County Water Authority’s board of directors, posted at Warren Town Hall this week. Apparently, directors decided to cancel the previously scheduled meeting, then changed their minds and decided to “uncancel” it.  Makes perfect sense and yes, the meeting was held Wednesday night.


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One Comment;

  1. Marina Peterson said:

    You have to learn to speak “BCWA speak”. It takes time and training. Reminds me of when Mr. Delise (former Executive Director) was asked three years ago at a public forum if the East Providence interconnect worked. His response was “I could turn it on tomorrow”, which is “BCWA Speak” for “No, it doesn’t work.”

    It takes time and dedication to be fluent in “BCWA speak”.

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