Restaurant City: Gourmet Edition gets big updates

EA’s Playfish today released updates to its popular free-to-play mobile social game Restaurant City: Gourmet Edition, adding a fresh, new dimension to players’ gameplay experience. Restaurant City: Gourmet Edition for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch now offers even more delectable menu ingredients to create savory dishes as well as new items for players to customize their establishments to reflect their personal tastes and creativity.

The update includes:
· Thanksgiving Theme: Get 40+ new items including turkey, pilgrims and honey baked ham
· Challenges: Complete new challenges to earn tokens, coins and gourmet points.

About Restaurant City: Gourmet Edition

Restaurant City: Gourmet Edition showcases all the culinary creativity millions of players have come to love in the Facebook version of the game, enabling them to play with their friends and manage their restaurants wherever they choose. Restaurant City’s nearly three million monthly players can now manage their very own eateries on-the-go, visit friends’ restaurants through Facebook Connect, and hire friends as waiters and chefs – anytime, anywhere.

Restaurant City: Gourmet Edition is available for free download from iTunes or on the AppStore page for EA Mobile. For more information and to download Restaurant City: Gourmet Edition please visit:


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