Rescuers need to be rescued after their boat sinks

Rescuers need to be rescued after their boat sinks


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Two men from Warren who were trying to help a kayaker in distress on Sunday night, ended up needing a helping hand themselves after their boat took on water and sank off Rumstick Point in Barrington.
At about 7 p.m., Barrington police received a 911 emergency call, alerting them to boaters who needed assistance. According to police, two 23-year-old men from Warren who had launched a 14-foot motor boat out of Colt State Park in Bristol, had spotted a woman in a kayak who needed help.
Police said the two men powered their boat to her location, near Rumstick Point, and then noticed their boat was taking on water. Their boat, which was nearly 30 years old, started to sink, said police, so the men jumped into the water and were hanging on to the woman’s kayak.
By the time Barrington police were on the scene, the individuals had made their way to shore — they ended up in a back yard of a home on Rumstick Point. The people said they were cold, but they didn’t want any medical attention.
The kayaker, a 29-year-old woman from Cranston, had reportedly launched from Warwick earlier in the day.


  1. I beleive I read an article similar to this last year. My question is WHERE IS THE WARREN HARBORMASTER, WHERE IS THE BRISTOL HARBORMASTER, they are all supposed to monitor the emergency channell and they fail too. I should add the Bristol and Warren harbormaster are the same person Matt Calouro. There are absoulutely NO PATROLS of the Warren town beach during the summer months, so take your children there at your own risk,ask your council members what is happening, why no patrols, proactive not reactive is how you save lives. Something has to be done?????

  2. vastaisback – not to interfere with your concerns, this issue happen in Barrington, rescue attempts were dispatched and the coast guard was making urgent broadcast informing of the issue. But I can understand your concerns, welcome to fighting government bureaucracy! It is a one man fight.