Rash of car burglaries sweep Bristol

Rash of car burglaries sweep Bristol


A recent rash of car burglaries has the Bristol Police Department on alert.

Last week, between 12 and 16 reports about car break-ins were filed, and Dep. Chief Steven Contente said the department believes they are related.

“We do believe they are related and our detectives are following up on some leads,” he said.

The break-ins occurred in the morning hours of Tuesday, Aug. 20, and Thursday, Aug. 22. Cars on the northeast side of town between Butterworth Avenue and Michael Drive, as well as the Falles Road area, were burglarized. Each car was left unlocked, which is how the perpetrator gained entry, and items stolen ranged from an iPod and loose change, to a camera and a set of golf clubs.

“They’re typically looking for small items, or things that they can sell,” Dep. Chief Contente said. “Some valuables are left behind (in the cars).”

One person who’s car was broken into belonged to a Bristol fire police member. Items taken included Bristol fire police rain gear, a vest, fire police hat, and a Bristol fire police badge.

The fire police are volunteers with the fire department who often coordinate traffic at the scene of an emergency.

Data from arrests from previous break-ins suggest that the perpetrator is unemployed, Dep. Chief Contente said.

“We definitely want people to lock their car doors,” Dep. Chief Contente said. “And call police if you see anyone walking around who looks out of place, or appears to be without any real direction. Keep your sights on them until police arrive.”