Raccoon Rising now free on iTunes

Raccoon Rising now free on iTunes


Raccoon Rising is a vertical platformer with revolutionary touch controls designed specifically for the iOS platform. Co-developed by PixelNauts, this iOS action platformer puts you in the paws of the intrepid raccoon hero as he battles the invading robot forces determined to control and subjugate the creatures of the forest.

Players will rise up against the robot invasion by using the advanced iOS platforming controls pioneered by Raccoon Rising. With the ability to decide when and where you want to jump, the world of platformers will never be the same. Using these skills, you’ll help the hero dodge enormous tree crushing machines, stomp deadly turtle cannons and slice through flying robo-squids to liberate the animals of the woods.

With the forest on the verge of revolution, it’s up to you to rise up and defeat the robot menace!

Raccoon Rising features non–stop platforming action that features a completely new way to jump, attack, and dodge your way through vertical worlds that makes it is easy to learn but hard to master.

Additional features of Raccoon Rising:

· Console Quality Graphics! – Advanced lighting effects, beautiful parallax environments and high fidelity characters make Raccoon Rising one of the best looking games available for your iOS device

· Over 60 Challenging Gates! – Enjoy hours of gameplay as you master over 60 gates in four worlds each with unique obstacles, enemies and helpers. Compete against your friends in world based time trials

· Collect Credits and Earn Achievements! – Bank as many as you can … you will need them someday soon

· Lead the Animals of the Woods! – Help the raccoon in his journey to protect Tanuki Forest and uncover the mysterious leader behind the robot invasion