Publicly drunk, naked man spits, kicks at police

Publicly drunk, naked man spits, kicks at police


Some pre-4th of July partying apparently went too far for one Providence man whose alleged public drunkenness — and nudity — led to a series on charges July 3.

Bristol and Portsmouth officers were called to the corner of Hope and Bradford streets just before 9 p.m. on July 3 for complaints of a drunk, disorderly man making a scene outside Papa Joe’s Wrap Shack. Robert Gileau, 54, of 121 Althea St., Providence, was reportedly yelling vulgar language at passers-by and at rescue workers directing traffic at the intersection. A member of Bristol Fire Department reported Mr. Gileau at one point pulled his pants down to his ankles, exposing his penis to several people in the area, including young children, while continuing to yell vulgarities.

When officers arrived, Mr Gileau, who reportedly smelled strongly of alcohol, became combative, directing his slew of obscenities at police and refusing to be taken into custody. He reportedly flattened himself against a wall, refused to put his hands behind his back and tried to pull away from officers, at one point falling on his face on the sidewalk, reports indicate.

Eventually, officers were able to secure him in handcuffs, but Mr. Gileau’s fight was not over. He continued to yell obscenities and homophobic slurs within earshot of children, and attempted to spit blood dripping from his head at officers, for which he was fitted with a spit shield.

Eventually, officers got Mr. Gileau in a rescue vehicle for a ride to Newport Hospital, where his struggle continued. On several occasions, he tried to kick rescue personnel and police, even threatening to kill a Bristol officer, according to reports.

After receiving treatment at the hospital, Mr. Gileau was taken back to Bristol Police headquarters, where he was charged with disorderly conduct, indecent exposure, assault and resisting arrest. At 7:20 a.m., officers drove Mr. Gileau to a bus stop at Hope Street and Gooding Avenue for a ride out of town.