Public Works reminds E.P. residents not to mix trash with recyclables

Public Works reminds E.P. residents not to mix trash with recyclables

East Providence residents have been mixing trash with recyclables in their "blue bins," which isn't allowed.

EAST PROVIDENCE — Trash, other objects should not be placed in blue bin
The City of East Providence Department of Public Works/Refuse Recycling would like to remind ail East Providence residents your recycling cart is to be used only for materials that can be recycled in with the city’s curb side program.

Residents cannot use the recycling carts for household rubbish or any bagged material. In recent months the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation (RIRRC) has been concerned with the amount of contaminated loads being brought into the Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) in Johnston, from City’s and Town’s throughout the state.DSCN2932 (2)-1

Some of the common items they are finding mixed with the recycling material that will cause a load to be considered contaminated are the following: Food, textiles, bagged trash, leaf & yard debris, grease pizza boxes, construction & demolition debris, diapers, tires, chains, cables, wires, scrap metal and paint. If we find that these items or other waste contaminates are within your blue recycling cart, we cannot pickup your recycling.

Starting September 1, RIRRC will be aggressively examining each load of recycling brought to the MRF from our recycling collections for contaminants. Every rejected load will result in a $250 fee charged to the City, plus disposal costs. Let’s work together to avoid recycling contamination. Please be sure everyone in your household understands what can go in recycling, what goes in trash or needs to be disposed of elsewhere. If we all work together we can avoid contamination fees, increase our recycling and save the city in disposal fees.

For more information or questions please cal! 435-7710. Also visit for a complete list of recycling do’s and don’ts!