Prudence Island man arrested on gun charge

Prudence Island man arrested on gun charge


PRUDENCE ISLAND — A 55-year-old man was arrested on a felony charge of carrying a weapon while intoxicated after he shot a bird outside his home on Valentine’s Day, police said.

Enrico Carisi, 55, of 26 Brown Lane, Prudence Island, was also charged with firing a gun in a compact area, a misdemeanor.

At about 11:45 a.m. Feb. 14, Prudence Police Officer Glenn A. Young received a call from a Narragansett Avenue neighbor of Mr. Carisi. The man told police that Mr. Carisi had called him earlier in the morning to say he had taken a gallon of wine from his neighbor’s garage because he had run out.

According to the neighbor, Mr. Carisi sounded intoxicated over the phone, police said. He also told police that he heard gunshots from Mr. Carisi’s home at about 11:35 a.m.

When Officer Young responded, he found Mr. Carisi in the kitchen.

“I observed Carisi plucking the feathers off of a small bird,” Officer Young stated in his report.

Mr. Carisi, who pointed toward a .410 shotgun laying on his bed, said he had shot the bird behind his house because he wanted something to eat, according to police.

Officer Young, who secured the gun and removed a cartridge from its chamber, said Mr. Carisi’s eyes appeared bloodshot and glassy and that his speech was slurred. He also smelled alcohol on his breath, police said. Mr. Carisi admitted to drinking “a couple glasses of wine,” police said.

Police officers from the mainland responded and took custody of Mr. Carisi, who was transported to the mainland on the police boat. Police also took possession of the shotgun, along with four other “long guns” locked in a cabinet, police said.