Portsmouth Water cautions against ‘water line protection’


PORTSMOUTH — The Portsmouth Water and Fire District has received a number of phone calls and visits to its office from water customers regarding a solicitation from American Water Resources of Rhode Island.  The company appears to be offering a water line protection program for repair or replacement of the customer’s water service line should the line fail in the future.

The Portsmouth Water and Fire District wants customers to know that the district is not affiliated with American Water Resources of Rhode Island, nor has the district endorsed its program.

As with most public water systems, the water service line from the curb stop near the property line to the house is owned by the customer.  As such, the customer is responsible for any repair or replacement should that service line fail.  Over the last three calendar years in the Portsmouth district, there has been an annual average of 21 water service line repairs or replacements on the customer’s side of the curb stop.  That equates to an annual repair or replacement rate of 0.3% based on 6,450 District water customers.  However, the district notes that older water service lines are more susceptible to failure than newer lines.

The Secretary of State’s web site indicates that American Water Resources of Rhode Island is a foreign corporation and that all 19 of the officers and directors listed for the company are from Voorhees, New Jersey.

Customers that have questions about their water service line or their responsibilities may contact the District at 683-2090.