Portsmouth power outages possible Thursday, Friday

Portsmouth power outages possible Thursday, Friday


PORTSMOUTH — National Grid has warned of power outages Thursday and Friday, according to Deputy Fire Chief Michael P. O’Brien.

“The probability of a power outage has been classified at ‘low’ and notification has been made out of an abundance of caution,” he said.

The cause is that ISO New England, a provider of electricity to National Grid, has told National Grid there is a supply shortage due to area power plants being out of service. Deputy Chief O’Brien said customers should contact ISO New England for more information.

National Grid said it’s hopeful that ISO New England will increase supply by Friday, he said.

National Grid customers should make every effort to minimize electricity usage. Customers in good health and without special circumstances should avoid using air conditioning during the upcoming hot weather, he said.

People who use electrically powered oxygen machines should make preparation to use backup oxygen cylinders. “People may contact the Portsmouth Fire Department with emergency issues caused by the power outages. I stress emergency,” said Deputy Chief O’Brien.

The fire department urges people to use caution when using candles or driving when power is out.

“National Grid will be providing updates on this situation and I will provide updates if anything changes,” he said.