Portsmouth Police: Bull mastiff inside, thief beats hasty retreat

Portsmouth Police: Bull mastiff inside, thief beats hasty retreat


Monday, Jan. 14

Called to a Middle Road house for a breaking and entering report, police said it appeared that someone had tried to remove a television from the wall before fleeing empty-handed. The presence of a large English bull mastiff in the house may have had something to do with the thief’s quick departure.

Tuesday, Jan. 15

Stephen J. Alix, 34, of 2701 East Main Road, Portsmouth, was charged with larceny under $100 after police said he took four partially filled gas cans from the trunk of a car at a Green Street residence.

Christopher M. Kearns, 25, of 97 Easton Ave., Portsmouth, was charged with domestic assault, domestic vandalism (to dog gate and inside wall) and domestic disorderly conduct after a dispute with several family members at that address. Also charged with domestic assault in the incident was Allison Marie Voner, 23, of Framingham, Mass.

Wednesday, Jan. 16

After going to 561 Park Avenue for a 12:30 a.m. report of a domestic disturbance, police charged Brittany M. Davis, 20, of that address with domestic assault, domestic vandalism and domestic disorderly conduct. She is accused of throwing a mug of hot chocolate and a stool at a family member.

A snowplow may have been to blame for damage to a carved wooden mailbox on Garden Street valued at $750.

Saturday, Jan. 19

The bar shed was broken into at the Glen polo grounds; the shed was empty at the time.

Saturday, Jan. 25

A vacant foreclosed house on Massasoit Avenue was broken into and vandalized. Significant interior damage included broken walls, windows and ceilings.