Pony ride fund-raiser set for Sunday in Barrington



Lindsey Canesi has organized a pony ride fund-raiser that will take place on Sunday, Dec. 15 from noon to 3 p.m. at the Dane Farm horse barn.

Ms. Canesi — and more specifically, her horses Prada and Snickers — will be offering children and adults rides in exchange for a donation to Hasbro Children’s Hospital’s Child Life Services. Each person who gives a donation will receive a 5-minute instructional ride.

Possible donations include board books for toddlers and infants, music, sound and light toys for infants, hat and mitten sets for children, arts and crafts sets, toys, gift cards and more. (To view a full list, click on  http://www.hasbrochildrenshospital.org/services/child-life-services/holiday-donations.html)

Dane Farm is located at 60 George St.