Pony poops at Patriot Liquors in Warren

Pony poops at Patriot Liquors in Warren


22439269_BG1Some customers pay with credit, others cash. But workers at Patriot Wine and Spirits on Main Street weren’t happy with the payment William Saviano ponied up Monday evening — a pile of pony poo.

Just before 8 p.m., a man leading a Shetland pony by a leash walked into the store, walked through the aisles and left the way he came, but not before the pony left a large, stinky present right inside the main entrance. Craig Dion was the manager on duty at the time.

“I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “We get a lot of weird stuff, but this tops everything I’ve seen in here in the last six or seven years.”

Mr. Dion was working in back when the man and pony came in, while a female cashier worked the front desk.

“She was quiet and didn’t say much, but I came out just as he was leaving” and spotted the mess the pony left behind, Mr. Dion said. “I chased the guy down and said, ‘You need to clean this up!”

Though the man, later identified as Rehoboth resident William Saviano, didn’t respond, a man he was with came in and made a half-hearted attempt to clean up the poop.

“He kind of took a plastic bag and scooped it up some” and left, Mr. Dion said.

Not satisfied, Mr. Dion called police, who tracked down Mr. Saviano a few minutes later. Police brought him back in a cruiser, where officers ordered him to scrub out the offending substance. There was no word on what became of the pony.

Mr. Dion said he was happy just to get an air freshener in the door, and get the poop cleaned up. There was no need to press charges, he said.

Lt. Roland Brule of the Warren Police Department said Mr. Saviano, who used to live in Warren, was working a kid’s party on Kelly Street, where officers eventually caught up with him. After it was done, he decided to head to the liquor store.

“It said ‘No dogs’ but not no horses, so he figured it was OK to bring the pony in,” Lt. Brule said.