Police: Teens party in Barrington home after family leaves for vacation

Police: Teens party in Barrington home after family leaves for vacation


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A Fireside Drive family discovered a disturbing scene when they returned home from vacation on Sunday night, July 28.

The inside of their home was a mess — the result of some hard-partying individuals who used the Hampden Meadows house as a party location while the homeowners were out of town. Food covered the kitchen countertops and empty alcohol bottles littered the home’s basement.

Barrington Police Chief John LaCross said detectives believe local teenagers broke into the house through a sliding glass door at the rear of the residence. Once inside, the intruders made a mess, leaving items strewn about the kitchen and throughout other rooms.

He said the individuals had also draped blankets over the windows, apparently in an effort to keep neighbors from seeing anything taking place.

“We think this might be related to some friends” of the homeowners’ son “who knew the family was away,” said the chief. “The family has a teenage son.”

Police have reportedly identified a couple of individuals who may have been involved in the incident and are trying to expand the list of suspects. They are asking anyone with more information to call the confidential police tip line at 437-3933.

Chief LaCross said nothing has been reported stolen from the home, although the investigation is ongoing.

“Anyone who did enter the house and is willing to cooperate, there’s consideration given,” the chief said. “They will still be held responsible and may have to pay restitution for the cleanup, but for anyone who comes forward, there’s consideration given.”