Police search yields missing Warren girl, 5

Police search yields missing Warren girl, 5


warren-police-cruiserA massive search for a missing girl in Warren had a happy ending Saturday morning.

Police got a call at about 9:09 a.m. that a five-year-old girl was missing from a Child Street home, where extended members had been caring for her.

The first three officers on the scene began to search the immediate area, while police called for help from police departments in Bristol and Swansea, as well as the Warren Fire Department. Rhode Island State Police brought in a canine unit, and authorities started mounting an organized search. Police looked until about 10 a.m., when they got a call about a child wandering about a half a mile away, around South Cornell Avenue. Fire Chief Al Galinelli and police drove there and confirmed that the girl was safe and sound.

Police Lt. Roland Brule said the girl and her family had recently visited the area where she was found.

“I guess she just remembered and walked back to it.”