Police: Gravestones damaged in Warren

Police: Gravestones damaged in Warren


Monday, Dec. 10

A Market Street woman called police at 4:03 a.m. to complain that a man in a car parked outside a neighbor’s home was beeping his horn repeatedly.

Rings were reported stolen from a Warren Avenue resident’s home.

A Paul Court woman told police she was nervous about the impending arrival of a package in her mail. She said she would call back if need be.

A caller reported being harassed by an ex-brother in law.

Tuesday, Dec. 11

A Water Street resident complained about a trash truck making noise at 5:23 a.m.

Karen King, 40, of Bristol, was charged with writing fraudulent checks under $1,500, a misdemeanor.

A caller told police about a pickup truck driving erratically on Child Street.

A caller told police that a blue sedan struck a pedestrian on Main Street, and then fled. Police were unable to locate either.

A caller found a hypodermic needle at the corner of Market and Redmond streets.

Wednesday, Dec. 12

A suspicious truck spotted on Main Street at 2:13 a.m. was being driven by an employee of a repossession company; he was looking for a car ordered repossessed.

A Main Street resident told police that his next door neighbors came by and asked for money.

A Main Street resident reported receiving harassing phone calls.

Police were called to a domestic dispute on Market Street.

Thursday, Dec. 13

A caller told police about a man sleeping in his car, parked in a Metacom Avenue parking lot. Police checked it out and found the man drunk; he said he was waiting for a ride, and that the car would remain parked.

A Davis Street woman told police that a neighbor entered her apartment without permission.

A Brownell Street resident reported spotting a boat dangerously close to shore. Authorities checked it out but found nothing.

The animal control officer tended to an injured swan on Schoolhouse Road.

An Ellis Avenue resident said a man was walking around the neighborhood taking photographs.

A caller reported having an issue with a catalog she received in the mail.

Friday, Dec. 14

A possible drunk driver was spotted on Arlington Avenue.

Another injured swan call came in from Schoolhouse Road.

A Kelly Street resident reported a trespasser.

Saturday, Dec. 15

A suspicious car parked in the lot of a Market Street restaurant was OK, police learned; the driver pulled over to use the phone.

Police were called to a fight in a Davis Street apartment.

A woman told police that she asked her husband to leave their Metacom Avenue home after he came home drunk.

A domestic dispute was called in from a Child Street home.

Police were asked to remove an unwanted man from a King Street home.

Police received a complaint about shots being fired off Birch Swamp Road.

Police got a call about a possible drunk driver on Fatima Drive. They checked it out; the driver was sober.

Two neighbors on Market Street got into a row, and the police were called in.

Headstones were reported damaged at St. Mary of the Bay Cemetery on Vernon Street. According to police, it wasn’t vandalism, but an accident; a man cutting the grass there recently knocked over several headstones. Officials hadn’t yet replaced them, an officer said.

An erratic driver was reported on Ellis Avenue.

A Miller Street woman called police to report the theft of a $400 necklace. She called back a few minutes later to report finding it on her stairs.

Jennifer L. Barney, 27, of Rumford, was arrested on a bench warrant issued by Sixth Division District Court in Providence.

A Davis Street woman was assaulted by a neighbor, she told police.

Sunday, Dec. 16

Beth M. Brunelle, 49, of Attleboro, was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, first offense; BAC .15 or greater, after police pulled her over at 3:07 a.m. on Arlington Avenue.

A Child Street man called police after someone knocked on the door at 3:54 a.m. Turns out the visitor had the wrong house.

Loud music was reported in a Wood Street apartment at 3:56 a.m.

A Child Street resident reported receiving harassing phone calls.