Police: Elementary teacher’s lesson included alcohol, women

Police: Elementary teacher’s lesson included alcohol, women

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Police say a substitute teacher at Warren’s Hugh Cole Elementary School was teaching kids much more than their three R’s last week — his lesson plan included stories of alcohol and women.

Police were called to the school Thursday, Feb. 7, after a student in the unnamed teacher’s class approached a teacher’s aide and complained about some of the things the teacher had told the class. According to Warren police, the student told administrators that the teacher mentioned a recent trip he took to the Bahamas, and bragged about drinking and meeting women there. Administrators confronted the man, who admitted to talking to the kids about his trip. He was removed from the classroom and the district administration was contacted. Warren police said he will not face charges.

Bristol Warren offices were closed Monday, and Superintendent Melinda Thies was unavailable to comment on the incident.


  1. Wow…what a sensitive world we live in!
    “Warren police said he will not face charges.” What charges could he POSSIBLY face?

    Drive during the storm…face 1 year in prison!!!

    People are out of power for 3 days during freezing conditions & National Grid will be charged with what????…Yup, nothing!