Police: Bong to the head didn’t deter assailant; charges later dismissed

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Despite trying to defend herself by smashing a smoking bong over her assailant’s head, police say a Tiverton woman suffered a beating at the hands of her boyfriend on Saturday, April 26. The alleged assailant was charged with three counts related to the incident, all of which were later dismissed.

Police were called to Clement Street for what was first thought to be a break-in attempt Saturday. They found a broken, bloodied door and a landlord concerned about the condition of his young woman tenant.

When they were able to interview her,  Lt. Patrick Jones said the woman told officers that the man punched her (officers said she had injuries to her face) and smashed her television during a prolonged struggle.

The next evening, officers returned to the neighborhood where they found William J. Copeland, 26, of Fall River in the area. They arrested him in connection with the previous day’s fight on charges of domestic assault, domestic vandalism and disorderly conduct.

Tiverton Police said the three charges were dismissed on June 12.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated from the original version.


One Comment;

  1. uberlala . said:

    Hopefully he’s does time for this.. Repeat offenders often are given to many chances how long before this animal kills someone?


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