Warren man faces 18 years after house breaks

Warren man faces 18 years after house breaks


A Warren man on probation for an earlier offense faces up to 18 years behind bars after he was arrested in connection with a string of recent house breaks in Warren this past Saturday, Sept. 22.

Cory S. Vargas, 23, of 390 Metacom Ave., was arrested by Pawtucket police at 6:20 p.m. after Warren police received a tip that he could be found at a residence in that city. He was arrested without incident and taken to the ACI in Cranston, where he was held as a parole violator and arraigned on multiple charges of breaking and entering and felony receiving stolen goods.

Warren Police Chief Peter Achilli said Tuesday that Mr. Vargas’s arrest is the culmination of an investigation into a string of house breaks that have occurred in Warren over the past two weeks. Police say they have tied Mr. Vargas to break-ins recently reported on Charity Drive, King Street, Vernon Street, Colonial Drive and Meadow Drive. All  occurred during the day while the homes’ occupants were out, and in each case the thief stole jewelry, electronics, and other items.

Officers Roland Brule, Kristin Beaulieu and Roy Borges led the investigation, and it didn’t take them long to tie Mr. Vargas to the crimes. Police said a tip from an informant led them to Mr. Vargas; from there they developed further information that tied him to the break-ins, police said.

So far, only a few of the items stolen have been recovered. One of them, a ring, was sold to Countrywide Gold Buyers on Main Street by a Vargas family member, though police aren’t sure whether the seller knew the ring was stolen. Another ring was recovered “elsewhere as a result of the investigation,” police said without elaborating.

Police said the charges against Mr. Vargas could expand as the investigation continues.

Mr. Vargas is no stranger to police in Warren and several other Rhode Island towns. He has  a lengthy rap sheet and has been charged by numerous departments including Warren, Bristol, Providence, Pawtucket and West Warwick. Previous charges against him have included breaking and entering, assault, conspiracy, attempted breaking and entering, felony larceny, obtaining money under false pretenses, possession of marijuana, drug conspiracy and receiving stolen goods.

Police said he could face 12 to 18 years as a result of his probation violation.


  1. Get him help? He has a rap sheet longer than his arm. He has too many priors including domestic violence, drug possession with the intent to deliver and countless B & E. what about all the families who have been terrorized while at work – working hard to earn a living only to have this heartless “boy” help himself to our hard earned belongings. Our judicial system is broken if this individual is given suspended sentence after suspended sentence. This is a form of home grown terrorism. He was charged with 19 B&E’s – that is 19 families who were robbed of their sense of security in their own homes, families who were robbed of priceless family artifacts, families who were robbed of their children’s inheritance. The judges need to treat this baby faced thug like the thug he is and lock him away for a long time. If the judges want to instill justice, give him the maximum. Everyone is entitled to make a mistake or two, but this thug is a repeat performer. Let him sit and think about what he has done to his family and all the innocent families he stole from! Don’t let his looks fool you, he has a heart of stone. From another of his victims