Tiverton Police: Man charged with “domestic strangulation”

Tiverton Police: Man charged with “domestic strangulation”

Hernan C. Peralta, 30, charged

Thursday, July 11

Hernan C. Peralta, 30, charged
Hernan C. Peralta, 30, charged

Hernan C. Peralta, 30, of 200R Bulgarmarsh Road, Tiverton, was charged at 12:10 a.m. with domestic disorderly conduct and domestic strangulation (aggravated assault) after allegedly grabbing his victim around her neck to what police said was the “point of unconsciousness.”



Monday, July 8

After a collision in a Stafford Road apartment complex parking lot at 6:35 p.m., Pauline C. Butterworth, 61, of 447 Stafford Road, Tiverton, was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, refusal to submit to a blood alcohol test, the presence of alcohol in her vehicle, and resisting arrest.

Tuesday, July 9

At 5 p.m., police responded to a domestic dispute that turned out to be verbal only, but discovered that Carl R. Araujo, 61, of 40 Pocasset Avenue, Tiverton, owed back child support. They served him with a warrant to appear in Family Court.


Thursday, July 11

At 7:30 p.m., Keith L. Evanson, 19, of Waterville, Iowa, was charged with soliciting without a permit, a violation of a town ordinance. Tiverton Police Captain Patrick Jones said Mr. Evanson had been selling door-to-door in Tiverton, and a complaint had been made he was being “exceptionally aggressive.” Mr. Evanson was warned that he needed a permit from the Tiverton Chief of Police if he wanted to continue selling door-to-door, Captain Jones said,¬† “attesting as to his legitimacy,” but Mr. Evanson did not do so, and continued to sell, whereupon he was charged with violating Town Ordinance Sec. 58-67.

Sunday, July 14

At 10:33 p.m ., Nathaniel Almeida, 22, of Providence, was charged under a 2nd District Court bench warrant with failure to pay fines.

Monday, July 15

Adam J. Lennon,   ,charged
Adam J. Lennon, ,charged

At 9:03 p.m., Adam J. Lennon, 25, of Providence, was charged with domestic felony assault after an incident on July 11 in which he hit his uncle in multiple times, causing him to be taken to the hospital for treatment of a broken cheekbone, nose, and eye socket.