Tiverton man faces heroin charges, twice in two days

Tiverton man faces heroin charges, twice in two days

Zachary G. Leroy

Zachary G. Leroy
Zachary G. Leroy
TIVERTON — A Tiverton man was busted twice last week on heroin charges – the first time for possession, the second for delivery — involving multiple bags of heroin each time.

The first occasion was on Tuesday, Aug. 20, when 37 bags of heroin were found in his closet at home. The second time was two days later on Thursday in Portsmouth, when police searched his car and a companion and found 27 bags of heroin.

The first arrest came about Tuesday when Tiverton police went to the home of Zachary G. Leroy, 20, of 27 Louise Drive, Tiverton, at 11:41 a.m. to investigate another crime they believed he might have been (but turned out wasn’t) involved in, and conducted a search.

The search resulted in 37 bags of heroin found in a closet (along with a number of items that police said they suspected might have been taken during car breaks). Mr. Leroy was charged then with possession of a scheduled drug (heroin).

Then, on Thursday, Aug. 22, police in Portsmouth observed an alleged drug buy in Island Park involving Mr. Leroy. It came about, said Portsmouth Det. Lt. Brian Peters, after police received information that narcotics deliveries were occurring in the Park Avenue area.

At approximately 1:15 pm, Mr. Leroy was seen driving on Park Avenue when he stopped to let Brittnay Davis, 21, of 561 Park Ave., Portsmouth, inside the vehicle, Det. Peters said. Mr. Leroy then delivered heroin to Ms. Davis.

The vehicle was subsequently stopped and a search revealed 27 packets of heroin, according to Lt. Peters. Six of those packets were found hidden under Davis’ clothing, he said.

Mr. Leroy was charged Thursday with delivery of heroin, while Ms. Davis was charged with possession of heroin. Both were arraigned Friday in Second Division District Court in Newport.

Other Tiverton police action :

Monday, Aug. 19

Christopher Brando, 35, of 392 Hooper Street, Apt. #1, Tiverton, was charged at 10:58 p.m. with obstructing an officer in the execution of his duties by giving a false name to a police officer in connection with being stopped for speeding 72 mph in a 50 mph zone and driving with an invalid license.

Friday, Aug. 23

Jill Sartini, 21, of 21 East View Drive, Little Compton, was charged at 4 p.m. with making crank or obscene phone calls following a complaint from a male friend who claimed she had been calling or texting him six to eight times daily.

Saturday, Aug. 24

After he was stopped for a seat belt violation, Andrew Defaria, 26, of Rehobeth, was charged under a 2nd District Court bench warrant with failure to pay fines.

At 6:55 p.m., Bradford M. McIlvaine, 23, of East Providence, was charged under a 2nd District Court bench warrant with failure to pay fines.

Sunday, Aug. 25

At 5:50 a.m., officers went to a residence following a complaint of a domestic dispute in progress, and charged Heidi M. Helger, 40, of 750 East Road, Apt. #5, Tiverton, with domestic assault and domestic refusal to surrender a telephone.

Tuesday, Aug. 27

Christine A. Martelli, 41, of 33 Rock Street, Tiverton, was charged at 8:15 a.m. with domestic disorderly conduct and domestic assault after she allegedly scratched and hit her victim in the face.