Tiverton enforcing parking ban, other snow storm laws

Parking ban in effect in Tiverton

Parking ban in effect in Tiverton

Parking ban in effect in Tiverton

TIVERTON — Town officials have imposed a parking ban on Tiverton roads and streets effective at 8 a.m. Friday.

Other snow-related ordinances (requiring a clear view through car windshields and against shoveling snow on to streets) are being enforced as well.

Enforcement of the parking ban began almost immediately after the ban was instituted, said Tiverton Police Captain Patrick Jones. Cars in violation are bering tagged, towed, and impounded.

The fine for violating the ban is $50, but with towing and impoundment fees added, the penalty can be in the range of $100-$150, he said. Cars will not be returned to owners until the fees are paid.

The prohibition is found in a town ordinance (Sec. 78-68), which says cars cannot be parked so as to interfere with snow removal. The ordinance states, “Parking is specifically forbidden on that side of the street on which hydrants are located, On streets on which no hydrants are located, parking is specifically forbidden on the north side of east-west streets and on the east side of north-south streets.”

Captain Jones said that other state laws being enforced include:

Clear view: A clear view through windshields and rear windows of cars cannot be obstructed by snow or ice ($85 fine – RIGL 31-23-16);

•  No throwing snow onto roads: Shoveling or blowing snow onto town streets and roads is prohibited ($85 fine – RIGL 31-22-9).

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