Tiverton bomb scare empties neighborhood; it was a clock

Tiverton bomb scare empties neighborhood; it was a clock


TIVERTON — For two hours Monday, a bomb scare at 82 Middle Avenue had officials from four different state and local agencies swarming the neighborhood. Residents on that street, and adjacent South Street, between Highland and Main Roads, were evacuated.

The call had come in to police at 10:07 a.m., said Detective Sergeant Michael Miguel. The home is for sale, he said. A realtor, who had been showing the home Sunday, had seen what was suspected to be a bomb, with a timer, took a picture of the device, and called police.

The response was what you might expect. Tiverton police and fire department officials, the state bomb squad and the state fire marshal all arrived at the scene.

The device was in the basement of the home, unattached to anything said Detective Miguel. A controlled detonation was attempted, but the device didn’t explode, he said.

“”It was just a device made to like like a bomb, that wasn’t,” said Detective Miguel. “Actually it was an alarm clock.”

The home is currently occupied, he said. The incident is under investigation, and no charges have yet been filed, he said. The scene was cleared at 12:07 p.m., Detective Miguel said, exactly two hours after the incident was called in. He declined to identify the realtor or the residents.


  1. The realtor’s name was Deb Plant. I don’t know what makes me madder. The fact that she has an open house from 1-3 on Sunday and decides to call it in on Monday morning. Or the fact that the police lied and said there was a potential gas leak explosion. I live across the street and work from home and lost a whole day of work because we were informed that it would take until 2 pm for us to return home. How would you feel getting greeted at the door by a policeman and told to evacuate immediately??? What goes through your panic stricken mind???