State police arrest Barrington police sergeant

State police arrest Barrington police sergeant


A sergeant with the Barrington Police Department was reportedly arraigned on a charge of domestic disorderly conduct.

According to media reports, Rhode Island State Police arrested Joseph D. Andreozzi, 46, on Thursday, Aug. 30. The state police were brought in at the request of Barrington police.

Sgt. Andreozzi was transported to the Lincoln Woods Barracks and held overnight before an arraignment in Sixth District Court on Thursday.

According to reports, Sgt. Andreozzi’s ex-wife alleged he threatened her during a telephone conversation Wednesday evening. She reportedly informed police of the incident and went to the police station, where Sgt. Andreozzi was taken into custody upon arrival for his midnight shift.

Sgt. Andreozzi was released following his arraignment and was reportedly ordered to have no contact with his wife or children. He pleaded not guilty.

Barrington Police Chief John LaCross said Sgt. Andreozzi was on his normal days of leave as of Friday, Aug. 31, but he would be placed on paid administrative leave pending further review.


  1. I have known Sgt. Andreozzi for a very long time. I find him to be a very kind and caring person who has helped many people including myself. I have also heard many people speak highly of him, and support him though this. It is very shameful that the media has already found him guilty and the case hasn’t even been heard. When this case goes to court and he is found innocent will THAT make the news???? This was all over a conversation on the telephone. It was NOT and is NOT a domestic violence issue!! That’s why the domestic charge was dropped.